A federal appeals court (TRF-1) in Brazil has ordered the suspension of “Operation Tapajós,” a military and police intervention organized to control indigenous protests over technical studies on their lands in preparation for the controversial São Luíz do Tapajós Dam in the Amazonian state of Pará. Judge João Batista Moreira […]

All 13 episodes of the David Fincher produced, Kevin Spacey drama – based on the fantastically excellent BBC miniseries will be available on Netflix from the first of February. [youtube]ULwUzF1q5w4[/youtube]


The ever-expanding tentacles of the elusive and secretive Bilderberg Group have once again encroached into the inner circles of the Obama Administration. As expected, another Bilderberg Group member will be appointed to the upper echelons of the Obama Administration. Chuck Hagel, a prominent member of the Bilderberg Group who on […]

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