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Chemtrails 2012 – Part 3

Updated: September 29, 2012


David Keith Presents Solar Geoengineering Lecture at Stanford U.

Harold Saive


These geoengineering schemes, in particular the solar radiation management you’re mentioning, have been frequently suggested, and by some members of the political and scientific community even as an alternative to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. And this makes it imperative to assess the risks of geoengineering, and one such risk could be that potentially the global food security might be negatively affected. And people have indeed said that geoengineering may pose a threat to billions of people. 

Dr, Julia Pongratz, Post-doctoral scientist at the Institution Dept. of Global Ecology, discussing crop yields in a geoengineered climate.


“While very few scientists advocate deployment of geoengineering now, many believe we ought to be getting on with research now in order to have technologies ready in 10-20 years when they might be needed.”   Geoengineering: Risks and benefits – BBC News


“10-20 years”?

April 22, 2011


This documentary explores a gamut of issues to provide a profoundly strong case for putting an end to the insidious and pathological use of chemtrails and weather modification technology. It shows how chemtrails are used to control our weather, what specific technology is used in conjunction with the aerosols and how weather control is used to corporatize the natural systems on the planet. What is revealed about how the soil is being poisoned rapidly by the aluminium from aerosols has horrifying implications for humanity. It leaves one wondering what will happen when the open-ended system of food production is closed and controlled by corporations who own patents for expensive aluminium-resistant crops.

Like the films The World According to Monsanto and The Future of Food, this documentary shows Monsanto is seriously undermining effective cultivation practices that have been established over thousands of years.

Review, by Clare Swinney, of the film “Why in the World are They Spraying?” produced by Michael J. Murphy and Barry Kolsky


September 1, 2012 | WHY In The World Are They Spraying?

Michael J. Murphy interviewed at Infowars 



September 3 |  Rainbow Trails and Manipulated Clouds



September 4 |  Controversial Geoengineering Solution Makes Progress: Ocean Fertilization


Blocking the Sun: Study Looks at Costs of 6 Geoengineering Schemes 


September 6 |  Cost of Chemtrail Program Put At $5 Billion a Year





Welwyn Garden City



September 10 |  Climate change expert calls for geoengineering and nuclear ‘binge’ to avert global warming


SICKENING Whole SKY ChemTrails –  Minnesota USA



September 11 |  Geo-engineering – A Tool in the Fight to Tackle Climate Change, or a Dangerous Distraction?


September 12 |  Geoengineering Faces Dilemma: Experiment or Not?


“…geoengineering interventions are being proposed as a means of modifying the climate to arrest current global warming and initiate global cooling… Since a geoengineering intervention can only be tested meaningfully at large scale, any such experiment would have to be agreed between all neighbouring states….”  Alan Naismith of Lichfield, Staffordshire, writing to the Guardian (UK)


Mr. Naismith needs to rely less on mainstream sources of news and look up more often:


The climate-changers in action  |  SHOCKING AEROSOL ATTACK OVER ENGLAND



September 13 |  My Turn: Who owns the sky?


September 14 |  Solar Geoengineering: Using Space Tech To Avert Climate Armageddon


Published in 2008   20 reasons why geoengineering may be a bad idea 




An older clip (October 20, 2011)  that I didn’t want folks to miss, it may be placed later at Chemtrails 2011 Part 2 


Chemtrail Commercial to be aired on PSTV



Why in the World are They Spraying?

Full Length Documentary HD




Chemtrails 2012 – Part 2

Dumping Chemtrails All Over the City of Great Falls Montana

May 2012 Pictures



Symptoms Resulting From Chemtrail Spraying

Posted to by Brian Andrews   Original source:

Over the past ten years, through research and the personal accounts of many individuals, it has become readily apparent that the aluminum and barium salt mixtures, polymer fibers, toxic chemicals and biologicals sprayed in the atmosphere are the irritants that are either directly or indirectly responsible for health problems on the rise in the United States and elsewhere.

These toxic particulates are rapidly absorbed from the respiratory system and / or the gastrointestinal tract and are deposited in the lungs, muscles, and bone.

This illegal aerial spraying is producing atmospheric and ground conditions detrimental to human and animal health but favorable to the growth of harmful molds / fungus.


Obvious Chemtrailing – Maidstone Kent 11th May 2012

Excellent video footage  –  Contains language unsuitable for children 



This overview is a partial list of health problems reported by private citizens to Chemtrail researchers.

1. Nose and lung bleeds (the latter including several reports from nursing homes of elderly dying from lung bleed outs, we believe being directly attributable to atmospheric aerosols);

2. Asthma and allergies;

3. Allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis (ABPA) (fungus on the lungs in both infants and adults),

4. Flu, Bronchitis and Pneumonia (in epidemic proportions, with doctors commenting to their patients on the many weeks it sometimes takes to improve and the lack of effective antibiotics to treat, including reports of pets having the flu, whole families being decimated), meningitis (inflammation / infection of the brain);

5. Upper respiratory symptoms (wheezing, dry cough), including Pulmonary Distress Syndrome (PDS) (in newborns, infants and adults alike), Sudden Infant Death (SIDS), and increased nationwide reports of the sudden death of athletes (reported in the news media as having possibly been attributable directly to air particulates / pollution);


May 11  |  White Haze and Jet Trails Part 1



6. Deaths from black mold; black or red mold on food crops (farmers reporting pH changes of soil and water), in buildings and ventilation systems (including school buildings);

7. Arthritis-like symptoms and muscular pain (young and old alike, sometimes crippling, and in pets);

8. Gastrointestinal distress (young and old alike, and in pets);

9. Bladder and yeast infections (includes bed wetting, not just in infants but adults);

10. Extreme fatigue (young and old alike);


May 13  |  CHEMTRAILS Halifax, Nova Scotia



11. Ringing of the ears, dizziness (increasingly reported immediately preceding or after a storm or weather system);

12. Eye problems – pink eye, blurred and deteriorating vision / nervous tics after exposure to the air outdoors;

13. Dry / cracking skin and lips, rashes, sores and fungal infections, aging of the skin;

14. Mental confusion / slow thinking and / or the feeling of mentally “being in a fog” (young and old alike, increasingly reported after actually being in heavy mists and fog banks);

15. Autoimmune disorders (Lupus, Crohn’s, Addison’s Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.)

Note: Some of the above symptoms / illnesses can be related to other physical / environmental factors such as dehydration.)


June 3  |  Skillnaden mellan Kemikaliespår och Kondensstrimmor

Chemtrail vs Contrail.wmv



June 6  |  Extreme Norwegian Chemtrail spraying

In this film I show how chemtrails seem to disappear under normal viewing conditions, but when viewed in infrared the chemical cloud cover becomes very visible. Planes are spraying on top of each others previous trails – All this aluminum is killing us slowly. It needs to stop.



July 4  Weather modification – Final Report – 2001


July 9  |  Today’s Chemtrails (Japan)



July 13  |  ChemCloud Plasmoids, a time-lapse

Mt Shasta, California  …from extensive observations, these cloud formations are chem-banks of drifted, prevailing wind-form, accumulated chemtrails. Catching, trapping moisture, recirculating [refluxing if you will, passing moisture within itself, in an open system] while drifting NNW.



July 14  |  Five Signs Of Geoengineering





Morgellons Research Project – Carnicom Institute



(JAN – JULY 2012)



Gates-Funded Experiment To Spray Atmosphere With Sulphur Particles


July 19   “WHY in the World are They Spraying?” Premier Trailer


July 21  |  Incredibly aggressive Chemtrailling above Vorarlberg in Austria



Geoengineering Europe 27-29th of July 2012

Aerosols over Scandinavia-England-Iceland.wmv



August 7  |  Chemtrails – The morning of Constant spraying, August 2012 , Maryland

These chemtrails occured during the hours of six and seven in the morning on August 7th, 2012.

This was taken in Joppa Maryland.

I live about 43 Minutes away from Baltimore / Washington International airport ( BWI ).  Also, I am about an 1 hour and 25 minutes away from Andrews airforce base (AFB).

Today the sky was a gray color I couldn’t see our normal blue sky at all and all I saw were these trails getting larger by the second and spreading throughout the sky.



August 8  |  A TN doctor’s wife says he tried poisoning her coffee


August 19  |  World Main Show Only

Chemtrails & Geo-Engineering Coast To Coast AM



Global Warming Debunked with Marc Morano


Do you remember what a deep blue sky used to look like?


Try watching the last two videos at the same time and compare the skies.


Klein Matterhorn


Chemtrails – Hälsingland – Sweden    

Chem Trails

Chemtrails 2011 – Part 2

“What in the World are They Spraying?” – Official Trailer



The Neo-Eugenics War on Humanity – Alan Watt

Part 2  |  GoodFightUploads  cuttingthroughthematrix  TheAlexJonesChannel


An older video with many interesting photographs



July 7  |  ChemTrail 4 planes!



July 21, 2011  Contrails over Austria (full HD)



August 11  |  Horrific Chemtrails Day On France



September 2  |  skywatchbretten –  Extreme Chemtrails



September 6  |  The chemtrails raiders



October 11  |  From Chemtrails to Pseudo-Life: The Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology



October 17  |  Barium in Our Blood?

Read article here  



October 31  |  Very low flying “Contrail” Jet passing in between 2 Chemtrails



November 3  |  Chemtrails – Weather Warfare – Global Warming is a Hoax



November 11  |  Geoengineering Destroying our Atmosphere

Rosalind Peterson is California President and Co-Founder of the Agriculture Defense Coalition (ADC). The ADC was formed in 2006, to protect agricultural from a wide variety of experimental weather and atmospheric testing programs.

Ms. Peterson also founded California Skywatch in 2002, when she began researching atmospheric testing and weather modification programs. The two websites are separate entities but are linked together by issues listed alphabetically in the “Categories” section.

Ms. Peterson was a Keynote Speaker at the 60th Annual DPI/NGO Conference on Climate Change (New York on September 5-7, 2007.) She spoke about agriculture and the negative impacts of experimental weather modification programs on tree and plant health, along with other important issues. Since then she has presented her United Nations Power Point Presentation to colleges, universities and interested groups. She has also been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs.



December 4  | One of the best Chemtrail videos ever.

Holland under attack – Chemicals everywhere



December 7  |  Chemtrail Agendas – Michael J. Murphy | Coast to Coast AM



ChemTrails ===

Chemtrails 2012

“Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (SAG) and solar radiation management (SRM)

are literally poisoning all life on earth day in and day out.

Every breath we take contains ultra fine toxic nano particulates in the 10 nanometer range.

Such minute particles are extremely damaging to the respiratory and neurological systems…”


TRILLIONS for Global Weather Modification GeoEngeneering Chemtrails Aerosol Crimes!


Legislation to Ban Chemtrails gets Huge Public Support [Public Hearing in Long Island]



“I woke up to this Checkerboard Pattern of chemtrails on the morning of November 19th, 2011 at around 7:30 AM in Northern Baltimore County, Maryland. The checkerboard formation retained its composition for hours. These are NOT contrails ! If you are not familiar with the term “Chemtrails”, please research this term. If you notice the flight patterns that would have been taken to leave these chemtrails many of them make absolutely no sense ! For all the CHEMTRAILS TO BE AT THE EXACT SAME HEIGHT AND AT THE EXACT SAME DISSPERSION RATIO IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR NORMAL CONTRAILS !”





Chemtrails – Conway, South Carolina – January 1, 2012



January 3  Southern Colorado Chemtrails


Central Iowa Chemtrails



January 6  |  Chemtrails – Maryland



January 9  |  Durango, CO –  Chemtrails 2012



January 14  |  Chemtrails over Leigh, Lancashire, England 2012



January 18  |  Chemtrails – Kachelmann, bist du Arschloch?



February 6  |  Morgellons… See What The CDC Calls Hallucinations ! 

Jeff Rense And Jan Smith



Hyper Massive Chemtrail activity over Alps



February 8  |  Chemtrails Over Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada 



February 20  |  Rainbow Wave Clouds / Iridescent Cirrus Forming in Timelapse






March 8  Geoengineering – Sunshine Coast – QLD



March 25  |  Chemtrails March 2012 Wayne County New York



April 2  |  chem trails today

View of Mt Shasta is approx. 4X normal speed.



April 4  |  Interview with Bob Fletcher

On the Wednesday, April 4 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex talks with investigator, film producer, speaker, author and businessman Bob Fletcher. Mr. Fletcher has produced a number of videos, including: Weather Control as a Weapon, The Bombs of Oklahoma and Exotic Weapons of Mass Control.

BobFletcherInvestigations  TheAlexJonesChannel  |


Thanks to SkyWatcher for the following link:

(NaturalHealth365)  We, the people, are under attack by a small group of mad scientists, out-of-control government agencies and profit-seeking billionaires pretending to “save the earth” from global warming. These “global control-freaks” want to manipulate weather patterns – in order to dominate the Earth’s resources. Read the rest of the article here


April 10  |  Chemtrails — Chemiczne smugi

Nic się nie dzieje__ HD.flv



April 19  |  BEST EVIDENCE – CHEMTRAIL & Simultaneous Con Trails!

N.T. Australia



WHY in the World are They Spraying? (promo)








Chemtrail over Christchurch, New Zealand  |  23.12.11 at 9.45 am

petehammer55  Thanks for posting the video clip, Pete


Updated: March 31, 2011

| May 2008 | Chemtrails: on the trail of our assassins | Yoryevrah |

“Celia and Bill Abram, retired public school teachers, have been watching chemtrails since late 1998.

A former meteorological observer with the Canadian Dept. of Transportation,

Bill Abram knew early on that the chemtrails did not match his observations

of cirrus or alto stratus or ‘mare’s tails’ or anything else.

It was chemtrails, not contrails, that was obscuring the sky.

As a matter of fact, that’s what the US government (and NATO) calls it.

Not officially, of course, because it doesn’t exist.

That’s why most of the public doesn’t see them or rationalizes them away.

They still trust ‘their’ government:

They are under the sway of the ersatz collective cognitive imperative (to paraphrase Julian Jaynes).

Celia and Bill Abram have been watching our double crossed skies for nearly a decade now.

Celia identifies the trance state this way,

‘They never noticed it, haven’t a clue what it is, and really aren’t that alarmed when we tell them.’

As Celia points out, our only hope is to induce some cog dis in the trance states of Canada,

the U.S., Europe, Australia…”


| April 22, 2009 | TheChemTrailReport |


|  David Rockefeller talks about over population and population control | GlobalTruthChannel |

[1:43] he is concerned about dangerous levels of atmospheric pollution!


| Reportáž o chemtrails odvysílaná v TV Prima 26.9.2009 |


| January 03, 2010 | Chemtrail Overdose 2010 | studentdebts |


| April 22, 2010 | Catherine Austin Fitts — Depopulation | SGTbull07 |


| July 5, 2010 | Chemtrail Attack Over Nuremberg Germany | The1111Trinity |


| October 19, 2010 | Chemtrails – Langedijk – Noord Holland | whitegoldpowder |


| December 17, 2010 | Heavy spraying of chemtrails over Alpharetta, Georgia | jbnumba1 |

“I am in Alpharetta and have been recording this for several months now

and called Rep. Chuck Martin.

When we spoke he first tried to say that it was fuel dumping,

a plane in distress, or regular contrails.

I couldn’t believe he would think I was that stupid.

Then told him we had video and witnessed the plane spray a line,

stop the spray, turn around and begin again in the other direction.

He told me to get him all my video and information and he would get back to me.

I have never heard back.”




| February 6, 2011 |





| February 9, 2011 | Extreme Chemtrail Spraying In Amsterdam |


| February 16, 2011 | Escorted home by Helicopter | 2010TheCountdown |

The maker of this next video is from Denmark. Notice the mostly white sky in the background.

Looks like an aerosol operation overhead, while his escort lets him know that someone

doesn’t like what he’s doing.

This video brings back memories of something similar that happened to me, in the 90s.

I believe it was in the Spring of 1993. Someone didn’t like the photos I was taking

and suddenly a helicopter began circling overhead. I entered a fast-food restaurant

and the helicopter then began making wide circles above the restaurant.

The many people driving and walking by, didn’t seem to notice what was happening.

It was a very surreal experience. – mcc


| February 16, 2011 | Weather Warfare: An Interview with Jerry E. Smith | chemicalovercast |

Jerry E. Smith began his professional career as a writer, lecturer and editor back in 1969.

His bibliography of published works includes scores of articles and reviews,

over a dozen ghost-written books, and three non-fiction works.

His newest book is “WEATHER WARFARE: The Military’s Plan to Draft Mother Nature.”

It is a follow up to his 1998 best seller “HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy.”


| February 17, 2011 | Catherine Austin Fitts talks about chemtrails | sussexchemtrails |


| February 24, 2011 | Aerosol Abuse Over Cheshire — Insane Geoengineering Activity |

| MartinHDJ |


| March 1, 2011 | Wisconsin – Look Up – Wake Up | rulesofethics101 |

“These College Kids need to look up……. This is their future.

Many will begin having families in a few years…. Is this what they want for their children?

They need to get schools active and protest this crap… Once that begins, the parents that are working

while the spraying is taking place, will take the time to see what their children are talking about.

This needs to stop soon before they ruin the earth and kill all of us….”



| Tuesday, March 1, 2011 – Strange shaped wave clouds blow onshore | socalskywatch |

0:01 Nine-thirty AM, view from San Diego near the coast. Clouds with wave patterns blow onshore.
0:40 Video of giant “screw” cloud.
1:54 The next wave of “wave” clouds rolls in.
2:10 Aerosol plane stops spraying just as it passes over.
2:32 Talcum powder clouds and more wave formations seen over San Marcos.
3:30 Chemtrail cloud reshaped with interference wave patterns looks like giant thumbprint in the sky.
4:18 Dark beam or black line chemtrail shadow cuts through the cloud cover as seen from Temecula.
6:06 Rows of wave patterns rip across the wispy high clouds.

Is this the result of HAARP?
Research the following:
High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP)
Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering (SAG)
Solar Radiation Management (SRM)
Stratospheric Particle Injection for Climate Engineering (SPICE)
Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS)


| March 2, 2011 | Chemtrails Over Wheeling, WV | FreeHumanDon |

“this morning up here in northeast massachusetts there was a lot of chemtrails in the eastern sky…..”


Uploaded by on May 2, 2008


| March 24, 2011 | Massive Chemtrails over Switzerland | othermichel |

“Unreal, people should be coming out of their homes in masses to look up at this.

Instead they go about their day not even stopping to question or take notice of the poisoning of our sky.

Clear blue skies are a rare occurrence these days.”



| March 25, 2011 | Chemtrails in the Skies over Hungary | ChemtrailsBudapest |

Nice quality images as the video progresses.



| TruthTVMinnesota |

The following testimony is from the chemtrail documentary above [1:09:14]

produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenburger.

“My name is Sofia Xenidis, I am 17 years old.

It is quite scary to know that the air we breathe is not what it is supposed to be.

That the food that we eat and the water we drink contains traces of those substances

which are sprayed out over all of us as though we were being poisoned like insects.

The feeling that this is causing me are feelings of deep anger and rage.

I don’t want to be poisoned; I don’t want to be infected with cancer:

and I’m just so angry that this global poisoning can be going on,

on such a massive scale,

and not enough is being done to stop this crime.”


| Chemtrails – General discussion, conversation, information-sharing. |


This post will be updated with more videos.

Birds and Fish Now Dying All Around The World

What in the World Are They Spraying?

The Chemtrail/Geo-Engineering Coverup.

Produced by G. Edward Griffin,
Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger