“Former Italian Health Minister Roberto Speranza is under investigation for homicide after emails reveal that from the very start of the vaccinations, he knew the shots were killing people and gave orders to local health authorities to conceal deaths and serious side effects in order to reassure Italian citizens of […]

Safe and effective, what do these words actually mean? Ester McVey, British MP, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F0DyI… Martin comments: The cowardly politicians who hid from this speech and can’t handle the facts obviously have a reason to be scared. like perhaps because they went along with something they knew was misleading and dishonest. […]

I’ve talked to multiple sources on this. Professor Byram Bridle first mentioned this to me, then Robert Malone, then attorney Warner Mendenhall. This is big. STEVE KIRSCH 22/10/2023 This is important. This tweet has over 1M views in just 6 hours. Please read the entire thread and PLEASE hit the retweet […]

Florida has been taking the lead on mRNA vaccine truth for a few months now, and the situation has ramped up with Governor DeSanti’s bombshell announcement. Not a whisper in NZ’s MSM naturally…MH WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — Today, Governor Ron DeSantis held a roundtable discussion joined by Surgeon General Dr. Joseph […]

The following are examples of misinformation from the New Zealand Ministry of Health regarding the Pfizer mRNA Covid vaccine: Martin Harris 14/10/22 The Pfizer vaccine• The COVID-19 vaccines are already themost well-studied vaccines ever made.• The Pfizer vaccine is highly effective ifpeople have both doses, including againstthe Delta variant.• The […]

Now going viral if you’ll pardon the pun. Share with your pro-vax friends. They were conned by Pfizer. Time for some truth. Pfizer Exec Concedes COVID-19 Vaccine Was Not Tested on Preventing Transmission Before Release Open in browserPfizer director admits they NEVER TESTED that “vaccine” for prevention of transmission!So all […]

BLOCKBUSTER: This has huge implications! From Jon Eisen: PLEASE SHARE WIDELY. The attached document was released to lawyer Sue Grey after a request under the Official Information Act as stated in the also attached letter. It shows Medsafe declined full approval of the Pfizer mRNA vaccine (so called) due to […]