TVNZ propaganda 21/7/20 “predicts” when Polar bears will allegedly become extinct due to Climate Change. Here’s the contradictory facts! MH The health of the polar bear population runs counter to predictions from scholars who have said two-thirds of polar bears will disappear in coming decades because of warming temperatures and melting sea […]

As a frequent visitor to the West Coast, I can personally vouch for the near total disappearance of Kea in areas where there formerly hundreds. Ironically, DOC has signs, information placards and visitor centres telling tourists all about these clever and inquisitive parrots. Shame the tourists can’t learn about them […]

  Note: Those familiar with UN Agenda 30 may notice a thing or two in this item. I leave it to the reader to decide what’s going on here…… On current trends, stocks of global wildlife could plunge two-thirds by 2020, an annual decline of two percent Nearly three-fifths […]

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