Ben Vidgen adds a wealth of detail and new revelations in the ongoing Christchurch quake and rebuild saga: A must read for all Kiwis (especially those of us in Christchurch!) MH Julian Carver, the former chief information officer at CERA, died unexpectedly in 2017.Death of respected data expert Julian Carver […]

Well, this is rather “coincidental” after the Dem’s call for Fracking restrictions in the US. And in both instances tied in with impending elections…? Having been involved in anti-fracking protest here in Christchurch NZ (right after the big ‘quake of 2011) I’m essentially opposed to hydraulic fracturing both for the […]

Eyeing more restrictions on drilling following the 2020 presidential election, some U.S. oil and gas companies may accelerate fracking on public lands over the next year. Concho Resources said that in order to mitigate risk from a potential ban on fracking in 2021, the company is running rigs on its […]

Seems like too much of a coincidence to be otherwise, as this latest shake in Surrey indicates: “Unprecedented”: M2.5 quake hits Surrey, UK – 20 in less than a year since fracking began Colin DruryIndependentSat, 04 May 2019 01:19 UTC © British Geological Survey/PA Wire  SaveBuildings shook after the latest in […]

This geothermal technology sounds awfully like Fracking, and clearly equally as dangerous! A South Korean government panel has concluded that a magnitude-5.4 earthquake that struck the city of Pohang on 15 November 2017 was probably caused by an experimental geothermal power plant. The panel was convened under presidential orders and […]

Yessenia Funes Wednesday 3:51pm A new study has found that babies born closer to hydraulic fracturing had lower birth weights than those born farther away. The researchers think this has to do with pollution. Published in the journal Sciences Advances Wednesday, researchers analyzed all Pennsylvania birth records from 2004 to […]

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