What if a president of a nation would stand up radically against the evil elites, and rebuild his nation so that the people will prosper? By David Sorenson stopworldcontrol.com That’s exactly what Nayib Bukele, the president of El Salvador, did. A few years ago he took a bold stand against […]

Rioting continued in France, after 17-year-old Algerian Nahel M. was killed after a high-speed chase in Paris suburb Nanterre Tuesday. While Mainstream Media fan the flames of hate and violence by blaming the police and portraying Nahel as an innocent victim, the 17-year old hoodlum had a long police record […]

The French government is considering “all options” including a nationwide state of emergency after another night of violence which saw hundreds of arrests and injured police officers, and thousands of fires, including many symbols of the state including town halls, schools, post offices, and buses destroyed. (Ed’s NOTE: There were […]

Absurdity beyond belief. This is madness. I’m off for a spot of cycling. Hope the cop-chopper doesn’t follow me! MH (And note that one can leave one’s home once per day, which means choosing between exercise or a trip to get essential groceries). Received from Pam Vernon at EWR: from […]