Note Kiwis: This plan to lift NZ’s ban on ‘gene editing and genetic modification to unlock enormous benefits for climate change, agriculture and health science’ they say … it indicates where we are headed. From Pam Vernon All the research demonstrating the dangers of GMOs falls on deaf ears of course. Corporations rule and they […]

Apology is not likely to be forthcoming, however. Nor, like the recent admission by the WHO on Aspartame, will there be admission that we “Conspiracy Theorists” were right. This is about as close as it gets: From Sky News: Information relating to the Wuhan lab and the origin of COVID […]

In the wake of the recent “viral” Project Veritas bombshell relating to deliberate virus mutation, Pfizer has issued a response. We scrutinize it, and we include John Campbell’s “terrified” analysis, with a nice ending quotation! Martin Harris 29/1/23 Below is Pfizer’s release, please note the portion of text that I […]

How in the hell did they know? This is uncannily close to present reality. Predictive Programming – Revealing The Method – The X-Files Also on Brighteon if YT takes it down: 264 views Dec 16, 2022 They always reveal the method. It is on you if you don’t get […]

“Resistance is futile” goes the famous catchphrase of Star Trek’s transhuman Borg Collective. And it seems if we resist the mRNA vaccine by injection, they’ll find other means to introduce it into our bodies. Should make even the most skeptical of us wonder what’s in that so-called vaccine, even after […]

Who needs aborted babies for organ and tissue harvesting when you can just create an unlimited amount of embryonic human life in a petri dish? This is what an Israeli firm called Renewal Bio is reportedly now doing. Ethan huff – Natural News Sept 21, 2022 Piggy-backing off a similar concept […]

Disturbing yet credible. Is Eugenics the real COVID agenda? (I’ve already noted several points worth a follow-up, MH) Pierre LescaudronSott.netMon, 27 Sep 2021 17:00 UTC © GettyAryan race determination tests under Nazi Germany Comment:  This article is the third part of a series that already contains:Part I: Compelling Evidence That SARS-CoV-2 […]

In today’s episode, we explore what the Wuhan Institute of Virology was doing with human-animal chimeras (don’t worry, it didn’t cause a global pandemic—or did it?). Hong Kong has become a delightful police state, probably more secure than it has ever been—for Chinese Communist Party devotees. And speaking of the […]

Okay—so that isn’t the title of the paper but it should be.  I’ve blocked people from my view for saying RNA cannot impact DNA. by Joyce Bowen ‘This Side Of Life“ I think of all those people trusting the shots and mourn for them.  They have absolutely no idea what […]