Please take a look at the big picture: Japan expects quakes, but especially note the activity in Russia (see link and comment below) Simultaneously, we have two typical “HAARP” quakes (10kms depth) in the Ural Mountains, Russia: a VERY unusual place to have seismic activity. Is there […]

LOS ANGELES SKYWATCH PRESENTS: Geoengineering: The Global Military Programs You Haven’t Heard About Presented by Elana Freeland The chemtrails whitening the skies around the world are only a hint of vast military programs being carried out globally. Are they about ameliorating global warming and climate change? Or are they about […]

Latest from Tyler at Secureteam10 continues the featuring of underground “booms” being heard around the USA, and some rather artificial looking square and rectangular cloud formations, complete with telltale g-wave vortices typical of HAARP weather mod: They’re Appearing Everywhere Now.. secureteam10 Published on Aug 19, 2018 Subscribed 1.7M For as […]

Eye Opening footage worldwide! I’ve been following Last Messages presentations since 2012. This latest shows some exceptionally noteworthy events: Yellowstone, Hawaii and others not covered in the western MSN. I’m grateful to Last Messages for diligently chronicling this stuff year after year, month by month: LAST MESSAGES Published on […]

Eight years ago it was all earthquakes, now it seems to be volcanic eruptions. Is this part of a sequence of major earth changes underway, and is this all natural, or does human intervention play a part? “Last Messages” has been covering these strange events for many years now. Here’s […]

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