Karl Wolfe RIP. “Mysteriously killed by a Tractor whilst riding his motorbike in 2018 … No charges for the driver of the vehicle or information on them either . How convenient .” Jul 3, 2024(Courtesy of http://www.SiriusDisclosure.com) https://www.youtube.com/@EyesOnCinema Also watch: “Hacker Gary McKinnon infiltrated 97 military & NASA computers searching […]

Close scrutiny of a famous 1972 Apollo Mission photo reveals some extraordinary structures on the moon near Copernicus crater: A row of partially buried and apparently artificial wheel-like structures, seemingly part of a derelict machine of colossal proportions. Zooming in: Look closely at the centre of the view. Let’s isolate […]

“André Maurois’s The War against the Moon (1928), where a band of well-meaning conspirators intend to avert a devastating world war by uniting humanity in hatred of a fictitious Lunar enemy only to find that the moon is truly inhabited and that they had unwittingly set off the first interplanetary war. This…is explicitly described as an excerpt […]

While some believe we never went to the Moon, I believe we did go, but what’s there is covered up. Fantastic collection of videos, stills and testimony here from Tyler at Secureteam10. MH secureteam102.04M subscribersSUBSCRIBED➨ Merch: http://www.secureteamtees.com – Use UFBRO123 for 10% Off ➨Tyler’s Instagram: http://instagram.com/secureteamtyler ➨FULL Press Conference vid: […]