This week has marked the first time in months that something other than COVID has dominated the news headlines on NZ television. But there are not-so-obvious connections to the agenda. by Martin Harris 27/8/20 The leading topic is of course the trial of Brenton Tarrant, the mosque shooter whose deeds, […]

“Disobey”might be a little strong, as most Kiwi gun owners are (typically) dragging their heels and waiting for clarity on the government “buyback” details. Matt Agorist writes from an American perspective: The majority of NZ rifle owners are hunters and gun enthusiasts. Anyhow, here’s Agorist’s perspective on the NZ rifle […]

They came to Christchurch to escape terror in the Middle East, but terror found them where they least expected it. But it seems we can not give them time to grieve their loss, nor the decency to consult them. Instead their tragedy, which has affected all in Christchurch, is being […]

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