This article by Steve Snoopman provides an extensive account of the court proceedings on Tuesday May 7th. Liz Gunn and Jonathan are in court again today (May 10th) to see a conclusion to this case.- FreeNZMay 9 · The FreeNZ Editorial A strange trial of a seasoned independent media duo […]

Barry Young (NZ vax excess death whistleblower)- Court Case Update from FreeNZ Newsletter Barry’s trial date is now set, for ONE YEAR away – April 28th, 2025. The Righteous Ones We are not their enemy, they have to understand that. And I just want to mention, Matthew 5.10 just […]

All this despite almost zero coverage in the mainstream corporate media to date, most of which still refers to a fully digital monetary system as ‘conspiracy theory’ (NZ readers see below, MH) Leo Hohmann Apr 26,2024 Digital Currency: The era of cash money is nearing its end, and with […]