UK’s Hidden Shadows is a new documentary examining the recent history of allegations of child abuse and cover-ups within the British establishment Watch for major input from David Icke! MH UK’s Hidden Shadows – Official – Inspired by Out of Shadows Shaun Attwood Filmed over the course of a year, […]

Following a catastrophically unconvincing BBC interview, Epstein associate Prince Andrew has well and truly fallen from whatever remaining grace was left. The body language analyses have already begun to surface, like this for example: One doesn’t have to be a body language expert to see the poor acting, or to […]

The Duke, Prince Andrew was spotted peering around the inside door of the billionaire’s Manhattan home on December 6, 2010 Source: Nworeport.Me The footage of the Duke was taken less than an hour after Epstein left the house with a young blonde woman. Epstein’s alleged ‘sex slave’ Virginia Roberts claims […]

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