Any group of human beings who are supposedly in a free society and who have a leader (or a council of people who lead), assigned by that group to make decisions for the common interests of the group, must rely on their own “self-regulation,” above and beyond the leaders’ government, […]

Bombshell report from UK mainstream media. The truth IS coming out. “Just following orders” is now a familiar call as a generation suffers the psychological damage of lockdowns. MH Did scientists self-censor during Covid? Lockdown critics ‘had considerable tacit support but many stayed silent amid fears it could damage their […]

This is most encouraging. looks like The Lock Step Scenario has entered the Push-back phase. People have had enough of mandates and fascism! Facts Matter with Roman Balmakov 1.36M subscribers Lock Step Scenario? here’s a reminder: Scenarios for the Future ofTechnology and International Development.pdf (PDFy mirror) : Free Download, Borrow, […]

Rioting continued in France, after 17-year-old Algerian Nahel M. was killed after a high-speed chase in Paris suburb Nanterre Tuesday. While Mainstream Media fan the flames of hate and violence by blaming the police and portraying Nahel as an innocent victim, the 17-year old hoodlum had a long police record […]