Pressure is growing on the government and the medical establishment to act responsibly to inform the public of risks, end vaccine promotion and repudiate the proposed WHO international health preparedness accord. By Guy Hatchard This article is also available as a PDF document to print/download and share. You can also listen to an […]

After viewing this video, many kiwis will be wondering how this was allowed to happen, were their relatives’ victims? And why it hasn’t stopped immediately? NZ Loyal’s Liz Gunn follows up on her pre-election M.O.A.R announcement. OIA Documents:– – Martin comments: Thanks Liz. Great to see you giving your […]

Remember how we were told that “the vaccine stays in the arm” and that “harmless spike protein is only produced for a couple of days.” They said they were sure of that, despite no data to confirm their statements. Igor ChudovIgor’s NewsletterFri, 01 Sep 2023 Well, sadly, it turns […]

Debates will settle nothing. If we want to settle important scientific issues like “can vaccines trigger autism?” we need to have both sides jointly design a scientific study to settle the question. STEVE KIRSCH 3/07/2023 There are way too many prominent scientists who disagree with Sanjay Gupta. He should have […]

If these are only the celebrities, then how many more among the general population have died or suffered lasting adverse reactions? How many sufferers got fobbed off by their healthcare providers? Quick: How many people do you know of in your daily lives who’ve had cardiac issues after the vax, […]

Using data from the United Kingdom, a top insurance industry analyst estimates 600,000 Americans per year are dying from the Covid shots Leo Hohmann – June 2, 2023 The United States has become one of the worst countries in the world when it comes to medical transparency. But one […]