Christchurch Earthquake: Remember September? Part One

How does September 4 2010 fit into the Christchurch Quake scenario?

There is a far bigger picture here than most are aware of!

By Martin Harris

“was outside on the back lawn at my house in Wigram. I had returned from Europe only 36 hours earlier and suffering jet lack – hence why I was up at 0430! Everything was unbelievably quiet – no sound from any animal, human or even any wind to speak of. The sky was crystal clear with as many stars out as I have ever seen. It was unseasonably warm for that time of morning at that time of year. As I surveyed the skyline a huge flash of bright white light – very similar to sheet lightning- flashed across the sky from South to North. As soon as it had flashed the rumbling began and the quake hit. This phenomenon happened again in the middle of the quake and the quake subsequently felt to intensify after the second flash of ‘lightning’ had occurred.”

Eye Witness Account, Greendale Earthquake September 4, 2010

With so much focus on the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that devastated Central and Eastern Christchurch on February 22 2011, it’s easy to forget that it was preceded by a larger 7.1 ‘ quake that shattered the northern township of Kaiapoi and surrounding districts, and yet it is not only a vital part of the Christchurch earthquake story, but the key to understanding the whole sequence of events and how “artificial triggering” might have been accomplished.

Everyone knows (or should know!) of the amassed evidence that leading up to Feb 22 and the interminable beaurocratic aftermath, not to mention 20,000 plus aftershocks. There is indication of foreknowledge and possible artificial triggering of the quake, and the motives for capitalising on the aftermath in accordance with an agenda that extends far beyond New Zealand.

A major flaw in treating the Feb 22 event as a “stand alone” is the assumption that no one can possibly have known it was imminent without some secret knowledge or involvement in HAARP. As one can see from the links and data in this work, the 6.3 ‘quake was a part of a sequence that could, to a degree, have been predicted. The real crime here is that the general public were allowed to believe that the September event was “over”, a “once in fourteen thousand year event’, with no deaths, and plenty of money in the EQC insurance coffers to splash around. Clearly, though, the “powers that be” were preparing for another imminent big quake, and they well and truly knew what the effects would be when the Port Hills Fault ruptured. Indeed, human activity may well have triggered or manipulated the February earthquake. Not as a stand alone event, but as part of a sequence of events that were carefully stage managed. The result of decades of experimentation.

A sceptic quick to dismiss the whole Feb 22 “Man Made Earthquake” scenario would conclude that the military preparedness, the rapidly instigated Red Zone house/land “buy back”, the apparent attempts to bankrupt City Council (in order to force privatisation of services and asset sell off), even the Clinton “..and on cue” email, simply amount to Disaster Capitalism based on a relatively predictable earthquake sequence. Heck, I remember after September 2010 berating anyone who told me “it’s over”. And I certainly had no clandestine knowledge!

As far back as 1991 there was a government report that outlined seismic effects on Christchurch with remarkable accuracy: Capitalism based on foreknowledge.

Case closed? No way. First of all, there’s that EQC report indicating that something anomalous was going on in the ionosphere above Christchurch just prior to Feb 22.

Then there’s all the other stuff. The stuff I’m about to show you. Stuff that goes back decades.

Joining The “Dots”

Let’s start with that striking image from the aforementioned report. Everyone agrees that this TEC chart shows something highly unusual going on in the atmosphere above Christchurch on 18/2/11, that is unexplainable by any known solar or geomagnetic process. What no one seems to have asked is: “So, what does it actually show?”

Let’s join the dots. Literally.



As you can see, we get some interesting alignments! The labels I’ve applied to the locations will click into place as we proceed. According to GNS, precursor anomalies were unique to Feb 22 2011.

Not so, as China demonstrates: Data and result  “The N-S displacement components of GPS stations in New Zealand recorded a quasi-synchronous fluctuation on July 31 and Aug. 1 2010. This is consistent with the time of the thermal anomalies, and reflects tectonic activity enhancement before the earthquake.”

So despite GNS’s claims to the contrary, a whole month prior to the Darfield/Greendale quake, there were in fact anomalous precursors recorded. At least by China’s UMT!

It is interesting to note the difference between the temperature anomalies: The Greendale Anomaly is a single “blob” directly over the fault area, while the Feb 2011 Anomaly consists of three localised spots that correlate with the Canterbury Basin, Pegasus Basin, and a point approximately 600kms out from the West Coast, the Gilbert Seamount.

The Greendale Anomaly sits where my white lines converge on the Feb TEC chart.

Note that the Chinese are also quite certain that the 2010 Greendale precursor is thermal emission from beneath the earth: Localised heating.

Strange Phenomena reported

Eyewitness reports of precursors to the Sept 4 event, collected by Dr. Neil Whitehead, make for extraordinary reading:

. Air/Sky/Clouds roughly 30seconds ;40; on Clifton Hill, Christchurch looking towards town
Just before the quake I noticed that there was interesting colours in the sky, this then moved on to some very low frequency vibrations and then there was what looked to be a large lightning bolt and then the big quake started. I did some research after seeing this online and found that the HAARP site was running full power around this time and I was surprised to see that this was the same for the Chilli earthquake and also another 2 earthquakes

Electronic early June when we moved to Canterbury; still going; 50 Leeston
Both me and my parter keep getting these electric shocks: turning appliances on and off, touching doorknobs, kitchen bench, each other(!) It was really bad close to the quake, but there’s still some ‘sparking’ left now.
Electronic ; week before ; brief electric shocks ; 40; Burwood/Parklands Electric shocks (static electricity) before main (week before and almost constant). Also similar before aftershock
Electronic ; Friday 3rd Sept 11am ish ; Varied, probably seconds, as it happened several times and each time we fixed it ; 30; West Eyreton The TV lost it’s signal several times, maybe 6 or 7 times, from 11am ish to 11:30pm ish when we went to bed. It kept displaying “no service” and could only be resolved by turning the TV off and on again. This was the first time this sort of thing had happened and we thought it was weird as the TV is only a couple of months old. Thought maybe it was faulty, but it hasn’t happened again since the quake

In the second part of this article I will present more extraordinary eyewitness accounts (including my own) that suggest these quakes were very far removed from your average earthquakes!

But first…

Let’s take a look at some stills from the ‘quake sequence animation (Christchurch Quake  Map) beginning on Sept 4. (the white lines are my own addition showing correlation between Birdlings Flat, Weedons, Eyrewell, and the two faultlines). The activity begins with the 7.1 Greendale event. Until late December, most of the activity is on the Greendale fault but eventually  diminishes to a rather uniform series of small tremors at Five Kms depth,  then the little remembered Boxing day Quake hits Central Christchurch, with no quakes on Greendale. As if activity had temporarily jumped The Gap before a return to the previous pattern.


From 18 February 2011 onwards there is practically NO seismic activity, (which is when we get the ionospheric anomaly aforementioned) except for a series of small tremors of a uniform five Kms depth, until on 22 February, Rolleston wakes up, and shortly afterwards, Christchurch CBD and the Eastern suburbs are hammered relentlessly and exclusively  with NO seismic activity westwards at all: A very sudden and dramatic change in focus, as sudden as the flip of a switch. The “gap” has been jumped!

Was the Boxing Day Quake  a practice run before the 6.3 CBD quake?

Anyone claiming that the February 22 event was “unexpected” or that no one knew about the CBD and Port Hills Faults, take note: The Boxing Day quake was the wake up call we all missed….or ignored.

I strongly recommend watching the animation and both the Rolleston “pulse” and dramatic “focussing” of quake activity post Feb 22 (and several days of seismic calm prior) become breathtakingly obvious.

Note also the consistent pattern of events between the Boxing day and Feb 22 quakes.

The East to West correlation to the Greendale and Port hills faults are obvious, but where does the Birdlings Flat/Rolleston (Weedons) alignment fit in? All signs point to something curious in the Rolleston/Weedons area, and it is a place that has quite a history.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s add the other factor I haven’t touched on yet:

Seismic Surveys and seabed exploration:

The $12 Million Carrot

“Globe Claritas used in major NZ seismic survey – 30/11/2009
19/01/2010 9:36 am
Software from GNS Science is being used to get a first look at New Zealand’s offshore geology as part of a major push to open up new areas for oil exploration.
The New Zealand Government initiative will see will see $12 million invested in the next six months gathering a large amount of seismic data to help the oil and gas exploration industry explore for petroleum over New Zealand’s frontier basins.
Reflect Geophysical has been awarded the seismic survey contract and has chartered the MV Bergen Resolution for the task.
Crown Minerals, a division of the Ministry of Economic Development, is overseeing the collection of the 7000km of seismic data from offshore areas in the North and South Islands.
On board the Bergen Resolution are staff from Singapore-based Quantum Geoservices, who are processing the seismic data to get the first look at the potential of these offshore regions.
The onboard processing is a vital element of ensuring the data being gathered is of high quality. Quantum has chosen GNS Science-developed software, GLOBE Claritas, as the software platform for their international operations, including projects in South East Asia, Australia – and now New Zealand.”


Take note of some of the names highlighted here. And note that the government funded $12 million initiative was under Environment Minister at the time, Gerry Brownlee. The same Gerry Brownlee who assumed the highly controversial “Emergency Earthquake Minister” role following the 22 Feb event.

“03 Nov 2009

The New Zealand Energy and Resources Minister Gerry Brownlee has announced the MV Bergen Resolution has been contracted by Crown Minerals for an offshore seismic survey this summer.
‘This latest seismic data acquisition will increase exploration activity across our frontier basins,’ said Mr Brownlee. ‘In 2008 oil was our third largest export earner and we have the opportunity to increase the value of this industry to our economy. The data acquisition initiative has the potential to open up new areas which are prospective for oil and gas,’ he said. ‘Continuation of this initiative is vital if New Zealand is to maintain the current momentum of exploration activity. We have a vast offshore continental area of which New Zealand’s frontier basins cover an area of about 1.2 million square kilometres and may be capable of generating billions of barrels of oil’.
The Bergen Resolution will make a short port call in Wellington and then head out into the Pegasus Basin to acquire approx. 3,000 km of 2D seismic data. Preliminary studies by GNS Science suggest this basin has considerable hydrocarbon potential.”


Pegasus Basin:Right on the doorstep of the Easternmost end of Port Hills/Greendale Fault alignment, and where significant seabed quake swarming occurred post Feb 22. And also the upper eastern point on our “anomaly” chart of 18/2/11

Myself and several other local witnesses clearly recall watching from the pier at New Brighton in this time frame as a research vessel equipped with a crane or “probe” at it’s stern kept a stationary position several Kms offshore with the crane boom active, but doing what? One wonders if this was The Resolution, or NIWAs ship below?(MV Tangaroa)

Did they plant something in the seabed? One can only speculate.

All I can say is that this location became extremely seismically active after December 23, 2011, to the exclusion of every other location.


So what about the second “point” on our alignment? This is smack bang in the upper end of the Canterbury Basin exploration zone, where the infamous MV Aquila was waiting for it’s exploration permit to be signed off by John Key. We know this ship was already here on the 22 Feb ’11, but how much earlier was it here? Was it present on the 18th?

I will go into more detail on this subject later, especially the third “point” on our TEC chart.



One more item of note in the immediate hours before the Feb 22 quake is a series of highly localised small tremors at Eyrewell, just across the Waimakariri River from Weedons and Rolleston :

“If you go back and check before any of the bigger quakes you will see there is always one or more at eyrewell forest within 48hrs before the big quake.Eyrewell forest quakes have been my warning signal of trouble brewing since 2010…..

On the 20th Feb, there was 2.6 at 5pm in Eyrewell, then 5.01pm 2.8 near Castle Hill then 5.09pm 2.7 at Eyrewell, then 5.58pm in Rolly, then 3.7 at 6.34pm at Eyrewell and 7.13pm 2.65 at Eyrewell and at 9.45pm 2.27 at Eyrewell. 11.35pm 2.6 at Eyrewell, then 21st Feb at 1.57am 2.2 at Eyrewell.

This keep on going for awhile during 21st Feb and bouncing between Rolly, Greendale Fault, Linwood, and Cashmere.Cashmere was 9.16am on 22nd Feb, just a few hours before 12.51pm.This could be a WARNING sign, so must keep an eye out for the Eyrewell faults going off.We already have the rolly one going one and greendale, just need inland canterbury and then Eyrewell to go.BE PREPARED.”

These are highly interesting as this was. at that time, the location of the Eyrewell Ionosonde. a vital part of the puzzle.

Note I said “at that time”. In 2014 it was dismantled and put in storage according to to this communication:

Can it be any coincidence that quake activity in Canterbury diminished noticeably during the ionosonde’s inactive period?

The “Eyrewell Magnetometer” and Ionosonde are apparently back in action, but where are they?

I have a number of separate sources that it’s precise location: partway between Birdlings Flat and Rolleston. (See co ordinates below).

At one time, the Eyrewell Ionosonde was one of three forming a 30km per side triangle around Christchurch. They were Eyrewell; Godley Head, and Birdlings Flat. And coupled with antennas at Rolleston, they make for some extraordinary history and revelations.

I will return to this trio of ionosondes later,  and in a very surprising context!

But first let’s hunt out that relocated ionosonde:

Following the cocordinates On Google Earth, here it is….or isn’t? Is that all there is to it? It was upgraded to an remotely operated digisonde. There could easily be a magnetometer here however.

And it does fall within  “line of sight” between Birdlings and Eyrewell. That’s not the end of the story as far as “antenna hunting” goes.

Again, there’s more to come with relation to our antenna lineup.

To summarize so far:

  • The September 4 2010 Greendale Earthquake was preceded, by at least a month prior, by a significant number of reports and observations of earthquake precursor phenomena, some of them highly unusual.
  • Repeated viewings of the Christchurch Quake Map animation sequence show a distinct pattern of activity that focuses on “the Gap” that separates the Greendale and Port Hills faults. Small quake clusters at Rolleston and Eyrewell precede a sudden switch from Greendale to Port Hills.
  • The onset of all this seismic activity correlates with mineral prospecting and seabed explorationzones , but the nature of the relationship is speculative: We can simple see that the Feb 22 TEC anomaly aligns with three significant oceanic features, each visited by research vessels within the earthquake time frame.
  • By aligning the three TEC Anomaly points with the September 4 anomaly and joining the points, the lines cross over Birdlings Flat, Rolleston, Weedons, and Eyrewell: All sites of present and former radar and ionospheric research facilities. These alignments converge on The Gap, which both separates and bridges the two faults primarily associated with the post Sept 4 seismic sequence.

In Part two, we get down to some historical revelations including chilling remarks made by a scientist decades ago, and the connection to a classic UFO encounter.

Meantime, the reader is going to see a certain scientific term used a lot in the forthcoming article instalments (you’ve seen it already above): IGW (Internal Gravity Wave).

Here is an  example of an internal Gravity Wave:

I believe most “awakened” readers would call it a HAARP cloud….!


Thanks for reading, and remember that I always welcome feedback and constructive criticism!

See you in part Two.








Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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