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“Evil” Errol Musk Father’s Step Daughter’s Baby: “God’s Plan”?

And he has the audacity to suggest it’s “God’s plan”.

No wonder Elon dropped contact with his old man.


I don’t know which “God” this guy is talking about, but according to the Biblical story, God gave man free will, and man partook of the knowledge of good and evil, to know right from wrong. As far as I can see, the only “plan” involved here was Errol Musk’s plan to have sexual relations with his step daughter, 24 years his junior. And the child apparently wasn’t part of any “plan” whatsoever.


This high profile case highlights a disturbing trend. “Adult Entertainment” (let’s be blunt, Porn) site Pornhub is featuring an increasing number of clips featuring “actors” in a step sibling/step parent sexual situation. This is surely part of an agenda, and how long before biological incest creeps in as “acceptable” subject matter?




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