Outrage! NZ School Issues Pamphlet Teaching Kids How To Use Meth!

And with the backing of the drug foundation no less!!

To set the scene, here’s an excerpt from an article published May 1 2018 By Stuff.co.nz

“Rampant methamphetamine use in Northland is having a huge impact on children and resulting in a growing number of ‘P babies’, a leading principal and national charitable trust say.
Te Tai Tokerau Principals Association President Pat Newman and Grandparents Raising Grandchildren Trust NZ Chief Executive Kate Bundle are calling for more help, awareness and research of the problem.
Newman said he doubts whether there is a single classroom in Northland that hasn’t got at least one child suffering the effects of ‘P’….

…A number of Northland principals have told him they’re seeing some children starting school aged five who “we suspect are P babies.”
“They’re really delayed developmentally; they’re still at that one or two-year-old stage”.
Bundle said “without a doubt” parents’ meth use is having an impact on children.
There is not enough help for children who have been impacted by “teratogenic effects” of methamphetamine, she said.
This is where the fetus is adversely effected by the mother’s drug use.
“When you’ve got a lifestyle where methamphetamine is the drug you’re chasing, the likelihood of engaging in other drugs as well which are also known to have a teratogenic effect, the likelihood of them having fetal alcohol syndrome, and being drug babies and being born addicted to drugs is much higher.”…

The article continues with a sensible remedial suggestion:

“Last month Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones said gangs responsible for the production of meth should be stripped of their assets and resources following the release of a Massey University drug report which says meth is more easily accessible than cannabis in New Zealand.”

SO, let’s put our Police resources to good use and this!

However, it seems that the education system has different approach: Let’s assist those gangs in generating new customers by TEACHING our kids how to use their vile merchandise “safely”. The following news from the same source one day later.

This is not some sick joke. This is for real. Read and weep:

School backs use of meth information booklet in classroom

Last updated 20:15, May 2 2018

An Auckland high school is backing its decision to hand out an information booklet on Class A drugs.
Morgan Julian said her daughter was given a drugfree.org booklet during a Massey High School year 13 health class on May 1, outlining the best use of methamphetamine.

The meth booklet being distributed by Massey High School to students. The school said it was part of a health course.

The meth booklet being distributed by Massey High School to students. The school said it was part of a health course.

“If a student was curious about using methamphetamine, the pamphlet told them how to use it,” Julian said.
The booklet provided advice such as how to take care of a meth-smoking pipe and to never be caught with more than 5 grams of meth – the threshold to be classified a dealer.
The guide advises users of meth to be discreet and only keep 5 grams for personal use.

Massey High School gave a pamphlet to students, advising them to use meth discreetly and how to avoid a police conviction .

“Meth is illegal. It’s also illegal to own a pipe. Be discrete [sic] and only keep less than 5 grams for personal use,” the pamphlet said.
The pamphlet also advised students on ways to hide meth use at school and advised them that swallowing meth was safer than injecting. The pamphlet also said to use a Pyrex pipe instead of glass pipes for smoking.
“Swallowing meth allows your body to use its own filters. It saves your lungs from damage, produces a smoother and longer lasting high, and you’re less likely to use more.”

Morgan Julian, from Whenuapai, was shocked that her daughter received a pamphlet of how to use meth at school.

Health advice around keeping people safe was also included in the pamphlet, including advice against mixing drugs.
Massey High School principal Glen Denham said the book wasn’t telling students what they should do with meth and it was taken out of context.
“Just because they’ve read something doesn’t mean at all that they are going to do it, they are far cleverer than that,” Denham told 1 News.

“The book is about how it destroys relationships and how it destroys job opportunities, how it destroys youth.”
The Drug Foundation supported the school’s use of the pamphlet, and said people were “living under a rock” if they didn’t think there was a meth problem in New Zealand.
However, Julian said the pamphlet was “disgusting”.


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