Laugh All You Like: They’re REAL! David Icke Podcast Plus John Keel Book PDF

It’s been a while a while since I last heard Icke speak on the subject of reptoids and interdimensionals, and this is a beaut: He sums up the “big picture” nicely.Image result for john keel operation trojan horse

In case one is inclined to think this something new or just Icke’s personal “take” on things, UFO and paranormal investigator John Keel first wrote about the interdimensional/”superspectrum” origin of UFOs, supernatural entities etc in Operation Trojan Horse (full book PDF in link!) and subsequently The Mothman Prophecies, which as per usual when Hollywood is involved, was translated into a movie that has little to do with the book!

Keel’s ideas echo and gel with those of Icke nicely: I have a treasured first edition copy of Operation Trojan Horse myself and it well worth a read!

Image result for john keel operation trojan horse

And here’s Icke:


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