England Can’t Manage It’s Own Bank…?

Obviously, no one in The UK is capable of managing The Bank of England.
Bring in Mark Joseph Carney, a ‘Canadian Economist’ as Governor of the Bank of England.
He also Chairs The G20 Financial Stability [sic] Board. Carney began his ‘career’ at Goldman Sachs before joining the Canadian Department of Finance.Image result for mark josef carney bank of england
A Goldmanite by any other name. Almost the banking virus we had to have.
France’s Macron is ‘Owned’, as is Merkel. May is preoccupied with her colouring book and stick figure drawings. The real world is still far in the distance. The chances of May reaching that elevated mental state of reality is, sadly, quite remote.
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At some stage, Rees-Mogg and Farage must take control of the absurdity that the incompetent and beyond use by date token, May, has created concerning Brexit.
It’s really not that hard. As I wrote well before 24/6/2016, forecasting the outcome of The UK wanting the return of its self-determination, before it was squandered by the paedophile Ted Heath.
Britain presents its DEMANDS to The EU and walks away. The EU either performs as required; no negotiations; or it suffers the economic consequences. All payments to The EU to cease immediately. The EU’s posture of being able to conduct a tariff war, is as ridiculous as Obama attempting to sanction Russia.
May attempting to sanction Russia over the idiotic Skripal False Flag, is beyond the exposure of a terminal mental challenge.
The insanity of an MEP goose as Verhofstadt posturing lunacies as an Irish-UK border, as an obstruction to Brexit, only confirms the pathetic Public Servant cesspit that is The EU Parliament and Council.
It needs to be remembered that The EU Council is NOT ELECTED yet writes all dictates that are pushed through The EU Parliament, without legitimate question or debate.
As Farage states, Britain originally joined a common market, which mutated into the totalitarian state that it did. From the treaties of Rome through Maarstrict to Lisbon and beyond, the slow insidious creep of totalitarianism pushed on. Only damage from the unfettered mania of unaccountable and non-transparent government, above all, could produce the insanity that it did.
Even Tony Blair took a stint at EU President. And why not. He also served as UN Envoy to The Middle East AFTER THE MASSIVE WMD LIE.
For those in need of The Chilcot Report; it did not come as a colouring book, bound in a choice of colours.

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