Humans could land on Mars DECADES AGO, Nasa astronaut reveals scientists HAVE TECHNOLOGY

…Yeah, but we’d be dead on arrival according to this report!

(Anyone wanting to know an alternative plan to get to Mars faster than conventional rocket power decades ago should look up Project NERVA.)

A FORMER astronaut who spent 166 days in space said NASA had the technology to travel to Mars half a century ago, but scientists decided against it.

By Alice Scarsi
PUBLISHED: 06:01, Sat, Jul 14, 2018

Retired International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield shocked the world saying the same technology that took the man to the Moon could have sent people to Mars.
He said: “We could send people to Mars decades ago.
“The technology that took us to the Moon and back when I was just a kid — that technology can take us to Mars.”
But no astronaut would have survived the journey, he said.
In fact, he believes the 140 million miles separating the Red Planet from Earth would be fatal to anyone brave enough to attempt the journey, despite the fact that the space rockets would likely succeed to take them there.

Mr Hadfield said: “The majority of the astronauts that we send on those missions wouldn’t make it. They’d die.”
Mars is 660 times further than the Moon, meaning a return journey there would last between 500 days to three years.
The dangers faced by astronauts on their trips to the Moon, starvation, the risk of explosion and the exposure to radiations, would be increased immensely by the length of this incredible journey…


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