And this comes from the lofty Scientific American, no less, despite the conspiratorial tone! The big question for me is: Why did NASA cover up the evidence? MH Gilbert V. LevinScientific AmericanThu, 10 Oct 2019 16:43 UTC We humans can now peer back into the virtual origin of our universe. […]

Must read! An fantastic article and a worthy theory that ties together many loose ends on the Mars-Antarctica connection. Well worth exploring this avenue further. Hats off to the author! MH Pierre LescaudronSott.netSat, 14 Sep 2019 18:31 UTC While finalizing the writing of the article titled “Of Flash Frozen Mammoths […]

Mars. Always an intriguing place, looks more and more like the “dying world” of HG Wells and Percival Lowell (remember the alleged “canals”?). Now, as RT reports, traces of underground lakes and linked waterways have been found. RTFri, 01 Mar 2019 10:40 UTC Scientists have discovered the first geological evidence […]

“Could this “plume” be the reason cameras on both Mars rovers mysteriously shut down from sending data last month?..” This should be major news, but as Tyler reports, there already hints of cover up underway. secureteam10 Published on Oct 20, 2018 Subscribed 1.9M Become a Patron & support our […]

That’s not so far away, and requires a new super powerful launch system! The Gateway moniker rouses my interest. Possible connection to Christchurch NZ Gateway (Mars Mission training in Antarctica)? Here’s the article from Futurism: See Also

What are all these sensational Martian revelations all about? I remember that Martian meteorite a few years ago. The one with the “microfossils” embedded in it. It was found in Antarctica, and regardless of what the truth about this controversial rock may have been, I personally thought it seemed like […]

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