Theatre Of Deception: Do You Believe in Majic?

NOTE: Republished from July 2018, part three to follow shortly!

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Part two of the Theatre of deception blog trilogy.

By Martin Harris

During the 1950’s, when the UFO craze was at it’s height, a certain Dr. Morris K Jessup wrote a trilogy of books on the subject. Jessup’s thoughts and theories were way ahead of the curve. He thought some UFOs were “nuts and bolts” while others were more ethereal, perhaps metaphysical or interdimensional manifestations, He also suspected there was a connection between biblical stories and UFO events, pre-empting Von Daniken and co. with the Ancient Astronaut Theory.

For whatever reason, Jessup was marked for special attention, and began receiving correspondence from someone named Carlos Miguel Allende, whose bizarre letters, riddled with underlinings and capital emphasis, related his wartime witnessing of an experiment to make a ship optically invisible, with horrific side effects on the crew.

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This was the original source of the Philadelphia experiment story.

It seemed that Allende was concerned Jessup’s books might resurrect interest in attempts at invisibility experiments and hoped to avert that from happening.

Jessup quickly came to the conclusion that Allende was a deluded crackpot, and distanced himself.

There the matter ought to have rested, but it didn’t. Jessup had been targeted, and the games were about to begin. For M.K. Jessup, the outcome would be deadly.

Let’s backtrack in time by a decade.

In 1947, pilot Kenneth Arnold reported a strange sighting of nine crescent shaped aircraft, which, he said, flew “like a saucer skipped across water”. The story captured both the public imagination and the attention of the US government, who were on the trail of WW2 German scientists alleged to have worked on advanced disc shaped aircraft,(more on this in due course), and feared the Russians might have got to them first.

With the Flying Saucer craze being only a few weeks old and still the subject of intense speculation, a press release made the front page of The Roswell Daily Record, and for a single day, the world believed that the US had acquired a crashed disc.

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The events that led to this extraordinary announcement began on July 2, when during a night time thunderstorm, rancher ‘Mac’ Brazel heard an explosion that wasn’t thunder. Next day, Brazel found a strip of land about three quarters of a mile long that was plowed up as if something had dragged along the ground. Seeming to confirm this, there was a considerable quantity of wreckage. Suspecting the nearby air base had something to do with the mess, he saw the local sheriff who contacted the base. Brazel soon regretted his decision, as he was interrogated like a criminal and held “incommunicado” for a whole week. Meanwhile, Major Jesse Marcel went to investigate the scene. At first it seemed innocuous enough: Tinfoil, balsa struts, monofilament lines, and brown paper. Some Bakelite and burned rubber seemed to indicate a radar target and balloon was the culprit. Except the “tinfoil” proved extremely tough and durable and sprung back to shape after wadding up, and the “balsa” wasn’t wood at all. Then there were the little segments of I-beams with strange symbols embossed on them. Marcel took some of the wreckage home and told his son that it was “something from outer space”.

Image result for roswell daily record july 8 1947Immediately following the hasty and sensational press release, Top Brass went into damage control, and an equally hasty retraction was concocted claiming it was a weather balloon. It worked. The debris field was meticulously cleaned of evidence. The story went dead for three decades. Then an elderly Jesse Marcel felt it was time to go public, and someone took notice. A legend was about to be born…

Let’s pause and reflect. Both these stories, Roswell and Philadelphia, are intriguing and tantalising, yet they are more the province of investigators of obscure mysteries than anything that would capture the public imagination in any influential way.

In fact Jessup kept the Allende correspondence very much to himself. At first that is.

Then in 1955, a copy of Jessup’s first book was mailed to the Chief of Naval Research, strangely annotated in three colours of ink, apparently by three authors (or perhaps a single author trying to create a false impression),with apparent knowledge of the origin, purpose and function of flying saucers:

“The annotated copy, addressed to Admiral N. Furth, Chief, Office of Naval Research, Washington 25, D.C, came in a manila envelope postmarked Seminole, Texas, 1955. Written across the face of the envelope in ink was “Happy Easter.” In July or August of that year the book appeared in the incoming correspondence of Major Darrell L. Ritter, U.S.M.C. Aeronautical Project Officer in ONR. When Captain Sidney Sherby reported aboard at ONR he obtained the book from Major Ritter. Captain Sherby and Commander George W. Hoover, Special Projects Officer, ONR indicated direct interest in some of the material therein.

Varo Mfg. Co, Garland, Texas, offered to re-publish the book together with all notations in a very limited edition as a prelude to consideration of further pursuit of this unconventional material.”

At the time, the US military was researching possible “anti-gravity” breakthroughs and all leads, including this one, were followed.

Naturally, Jessup was eventually contacted to find out if this meant anything to him. Jessup recognised the writing style of at least one of the three annotators: Carlos Allende. Already burdened with emotional traumas and apparently in a state of depression, Jessup spiralled deeper into self-doubt after this bizarre turn of events. Perhaps Allende was more than just a lone nutcase after all?

“On April 19, 1959, Jessup contacted Dr. Manson Valentine and arranged to meet with him the next day, claiming to have made a breakthrough regarding an event known as the Philadelphia Experiment. However, on April 20, 1959, Jessup was found dead in Dade County, Florida, with a hose between the exhaust pipe and a rear window of the vehicle, filling the car with toxic exhaust fumes.” The death was ruled a suicide.

Meanwhile, the annotated version of Jessup’s book, known as The Varo Edition, became legendary among Ufologists, treasured and kept under lock and key by those who acquired a copy.

But, it didn’t stop there. The game continued.

In 1978, Jesse Marcel, the first military witness to the Roswell debris field, spoke to the National Enquirer wanting the world to know that what he saw and handled back in 1947 was no weather balloon.

Image result for richard c dotyMeanwhile, a UFO enthusiast named Paul Bennewitz began seeing strange lights cavorting in the sky near Kirtland AFB. He, like Jessup before him, was marked for “special attention”. Bennewitz began intercepting transmissions from the base that indicated an extraterrestrial presence at a secret base supposedly in Dulce, New Mexico.

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At the same time, also in Dulce: ” an 11-month-old cross Hereford-Charolais bull, belonging to a Mr. Manuel Gomez of Dulce, New Mexico, was found mutilated on March 24, 1978. It displayed “classic” mutilation signs, including the removal of the rectum and sex organs with what appeared to be “a sharp and precise instrument” and its internal organs were found to be inconsistent with a normal case of death followed by predation.” (Wikipedia)

Note how close to LOS ALAMOS this is: More on the Los Alamos connection in Part Three.

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And in the same year, Charles Berlitz co-authored a book with an investigator named William Moore about the Philadelphia Experiment. Despite dust jacket claims that Moore was “forced to retire to a quiet location”, the authors lost no time in pushing out a second book: The Roswell Incident, published in 1980.Image result for grady barnett ufo

Both these books elevated their respective subject matter into “Household Name” mysteries involving extraterrestrials as a major factor. Does anyone recall any mention of cadavers or any sign of airframe or propulsion system in the Roswell Crash debris?  Or alien contact in association with The Philadelphia Experiment? It was specifically William Moore who pushed the extraterrestrial elements of these cases and introduced actual aliens. Right at the time he was feeding ET oriented disinformation to Paul Bennewitz.

So where do the extraterrestrials fit in to these stories?

Image result for william moore ufoTruth is, in both the Roswell and Philadelphia cases, the alien element was “force-fit” by Moore. Ufologist and investigator Stanton Freidman was the first to interview Vern Maltais, who related a story told to him by a neighbour, Grady “Barney” Barnett, in 1960. The event occurred at Socorro New Mexico, near White Sands (co incidentally the location of another famous UFO encounter a few years later). No year or date was given, and the location was thought to be “the Plains”. The story had Barnett coming across a crashed disc shaped craft and several diminutive casualties in silver flight suits. they were essentially human but the eyes were “small and oddly spaced”. (In contrast  to the big-eyed “greys” generally depicted). A team of archaeologists arrived on the scene, closely followed by the military who hushed everyone up and cordoned off the site.

Debate still rages today over the veracity of this second-hand account. Kevin Randle in particular dismisses it entirely. Others continue to unearth accounts that add credibility to the Barnett story.

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But, not long after Friedman interviewed the Maltais, Moore re-interviewed them in preparation for The Roswell Incident book. Somehow, suddenly, a date was given. A date consistent with the Roswell event. And a location: The Plains of San Augustin. The fact that this is some 120 miles from Roswell was no obstacle to Moore’s logic: The saucer hit the ground, skidded for three quarters of a mile spilling debris, then became airborne again before finally coming to rest at the San Augustin location.

Regardless of the veracity of the Barnett story, it had no viable connection to the Roswell Incident until Moore’s involvement. In fact it has more in common with Aztec Crash-Retrieval story than Roswell. Now, though, whenever one mentions “Roswell” today, a mental image straight from the Barnett story comes to the public mind, an image since reinforced in movies, TV shows, posters and videogames. Roswell benefits from an annual festival and a permanent museum further reinforcing the alien/saucer scenario. A neat bit of Social Engineering. But what was Moore up to?

As for the Philadelphia Experiment, Moore had it easy: Allende laid the groundwork for him in the Jessup letters. Nevertheless, despite the claims on the dust jacket hype in Moore’s book, the alien connection is extremely tenuous.

While some dismiss the Philedelphia Experiment entirely for the same reasons as the Barnett Saucer Crash tale, I believe the story has a basis in truth. There was likely an attempt to extend magnetic ship degaussing to make a ship invisible to radar. The alleged teleportation is easily explained by the known fact that the two shipyards in question were joined by a secret canal. The magic teleportation and invisibility aspects sound like typical WW2 era disinformation stories. We know for a fact that Carlos Allende (formerly Carl M. Allen) was a sailor aboard the Furuseth at this time, where he allegedly witnessed the experiment involving the Eldritch/DE173, but was he the “maverick”, the oddball, targeted by the military to spread disinformation unwittingly?

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Was Allende, like Robert Lazar years later, a victim of mind control? Or was Allende a willing participant in a deception scheme that extended beyond wartime secrets? Could it be, in fact, that Moore was Allende’s successor?

Image result for richard c dotyWhat happened next would eventually become one of the darkest episodes in Ufological history: Moore, unbeknownst to his fellow researchers, was actively and knowingly participating in a major disinformation exercise targeting the entire UFO research community. His first “mark” was Paul Bennewitz. Moore however, did not work alone. His “handler” was intelligence agent named Richard C Doty.

Image result for william moore ufo Rather than attempt to summarize the convoluted web of events and characters involved, please read the whole story here: This is an outstanding account thoroughly researched.

Driving Mr. Bennewitz Insane

Obviously, I concur that Moore’s involvement in disinformation goes back to Roswell, as the author of the above article speculates. This article also addresses the MJ12 papers, which we will explore more in this blog, and there is brief mention of Linda Moulton Howe as an intended recipient of MJ12 material. Dissemination of MJ12 material continues to this day

Here is where the Cattle Mutilation mystery enters the picture.

Moulton Howe had researched and presented an outstanding, award winning documentary on the mutilation subject, A Strange Harvest. I believe it was this research that made her the next target in the deception game. Like Jessup and Bennewitz, Moulton Howe had stumbled upon something and Doty went to work providing the diversion.

“..a nine page presidential Executive Briefing stating “This document was prepared by MJ-12”, was shown to another UFO researcher, Linda Moulton Howe, who stated she saw this document on April 9, 1983 – 18 months before Shandera found it in his letterbox. Howe identified the man that showed it to her as Richard Doty, an AFOSI agent who had been co-operating with Moore in the disinformation campaign direct against Bennewitz. At this moment in time, the rat was not only smelling, it began to stink.


It was in the early 80s that Doty began offering sensational documents to UFO researchers. The particular document that he showed to Moulton Howe mentioned that the EBEs (as the aliens are called in all these documents) refer to humans as containers. If the reader has viewed the first part of this blog, then you may recall I emphasised that this is also mentioned by Robert Lazar in the briefing documents he was allegedly shown at S4. Factor in Lazar’s “MJ” and “Majestic” claims (and evidenced on his pay slip) and it becomes clear just how extensive this disinformation exercise was.

“Containers”? a dispassionate and somewhat ominous way to describe human beings. Containers of what? Souls? Life force?

And money was clearly no object. I have no idea how much Lazar was payed by Naval Intelligence, but Bennewitz was casually granted $75, 000 dollars to “continue his research”. It also appears that as with Lazar’s S4 location, some effort went into convincing Bennewitz of the physical reality of the Dulce base.

The concocters and couriers of this disinformation approached every major figure in Ufology. In the UK, Jenny Randles was approached and smelt a rat, so Timothy Good was approached and he took the bait in the form of the MJ12 Briefing Document. In the States, Hynek and Vallee declined the bait, as did Kevin Randle. Moore and Stanton Friedman received a copy of MJ12 (it is suspected that either Moore mailed it himself or Doty did the deed), and when news came that Good was about to publish, Friedman’s hand was forced. In Good’s defence, he now recognises MJ12 as disinformation.

Linda Moulton Howe retains a working relationship with Doty to this day despite knowing full well what he actually did for a job! Personally I think it is a great shame that someone of Linda’s calibre and potential is still pumping out MJ12 related disinformation and uses the word “Truth” in her YouTube presentations. Her choice to do this, your choice to believe or not! Remember that disinformation blends truth with falsehood: Discernment is required!

It also becomes apparent that far more was being covered up than Stealth planes and drones. Yes, Bennewitz was diverted from Kirtland (Doty’s base of operations), where he was getting too close to Stealth testing, but he was diverted to Dulce, which was a focus for cattle mutilations and strange lights in the sky. Why? Let me show you just how big; mindbogglingly big, this whole “Theatre of Deception” became. Prepare for some heavy reading:

While the author of this incredible collation of data (note: someone has defaced this site by introducing apparently compromising images of certain ufologists), suspects that an attempt at actual disclosure might be underway, I respectfully disagree. And I think that the Cattle Mutilation subject is an important key.

Interesting to note the contrast between the Moulton Howe and Bennewitz cases, as well as the correlations. Linda Moulton Howe was investigating Cattle Mutilation, and had aliens introduced to the picture; Bennewitz was investigating UFOs, and had Cattle Mutilation elements fed to him. Both were targeted by the same source: Doty and Moore, both working for AFOSI. Doty also claims that that the NSA was independently observing the whole thing.

Image result for ufo cattle mutilationAre Extraterrestrials behind The Cattle Mutilation Mystery?

Time to invoke some rational and logical thinking. These aliens, the Greys or EBEs, are said to be hundreds, maybe even thousands of years ahead of us technologically. Today in the early 21st century, we are on the verge of being able to 3d-print replacement organs or grow them in a lab. Why would aliens far more advanced than us kidnap cattle, drain their blood, and remove certain body parts, before dumping the butchered remains back on the ranch they were taken from?

No, someone wants us to think aliens are responsible, but the dumping of the body back at the source is a clue to human agency. If the animal disappears, then it becomes a potential Cattle Rustling incident, and legal investigation spreads to neighbouring properties. If the animal turns up deceased on it’s own turf, the investigation is far more limited. Aliens surely would not care about such matters. As for the information fed to Bennewitz that aliens are harvesting cattle organs with permission and assistance from the US government…well, if that sounds logical to the reader, then you’re reading the wrong blog!

In conclusion: no, extraterrestrials aren’t likely to be responsible, but someone wants you to think they are.

Image result for satanists cattle mutilationAre Satanists Responsible?

It has been suggested that Satanic cults are involved, but the argument has always been that the problem is too widespread, too well organised and clearly involves huge resources and high technology (helicopters, surgical lasers and so on). And yet, I’m sure plenty of readers of this blog will be aware of “satanic” activities such as paedophile rings and such, that operate at elite level and are widespread and well organised, funded and protected. Who says Satanists aren’t well funded and highly co-ordinated? And they use diversion and disinformation to hide their loathsome activities.

(I’m not talking about the folks that dress up in robes and perform mock rituals here, I’m talking about the real Satanists who generally wear a suit and have a hand in shaping world financial and political events.)

Conclusion: This seems more plausible than extraterrestrial involvement. And yet, the specific organs and fluids being harvested suggest something beyond occult rituals.

Image result for cattle mutilation blood substituteSo Why Is It Being Done?

One theory that may part of the answer lies in a cattle based blood substitute. Possibly the military would do things this way to circumvent the need for permits and public oversight? Problem is, there is more than just blood removal taking place here. And why not just go to one of the many slaughterhouses? They would surely be more than happy to take government dollars in exchange for blood. Plus this product is well and truly in the public domain now, yet the mutilations continue.

The organs being removed from cattle and occasionally other livestock are not a diversion as one theorist has suggested. Too specific. The lymphatic system and reproductive organs are targeted and are being removed with surgical precision.

(I will spare the reader too many gruesome images, they are available if one is inclined to view them)

Image result for cattle lymph nodes diagram

Image result for cattle lymph nodes diagram

Both UFOs and conventional technology are being observed in conjunction with these cases. The disinformation story is that the government is in cahoots with cattle harvesting aliens who like Tibetan music and strawberry ice cream. I say it’s the government alone.

“One cow found shortly after it died was tested by the Las Vegas Institute of Science. Dailey said it had high amounts of a government-controlled sedative in its blood stream.

An animal is selected and separated from the herd, it is deliberately exposed to “something” relating to the mysterious lights/craft. After exposure, the aforementioned organs are removed for examination and cataloguing, and the body dumped at the source: Disinformation and speculation does the rest.

Image result for cattle mutilation ufo

Something is going on that is both satanic and scientific and it relates to an exotic propulsion system that is detrimental to organic tissue.  


In the third and final part of the story, I will return to Robert Lazar with a focus on the Element 115 Reactor, introduce the story of “Die Glocke”, the Nazi Bell, and a classic UFO case, the Cash Landrum Incident, and this will tie all the threads together to form a clearer picture of what’s being hidden behind the curtains of the Theatre Of Deception.

(All links and references in this second part are embedded within the text, or where provided in Part One’s bibliography.)

You missed part one? HERE IT IS!

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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