Stay alert, LA: I think this may be related to potential forthcoming seismic activity: secureteam10 Published on Feb 8, 2019 Subscribed 2M ➨Secureteam Shirts! Our Live Stream:… Mystery plane article: Consider becoming a monthly supporter & get awesome perks: ➨E-mail me your ideas & footage: […]

Leaders in various industries across the world gathered in Davos, Switzerland, for the World Economic Forum. The potential benefits and danger of AI was a primary discussion. CNET senior producer Dan Patterson speaks to Ben Goertzel, CEO and founder of SingularityNET, about the future of artificial intelligence. CBS News Published […]

After reading and viewing dramatic scenes of wildfires blazing in California last year, now the Northern Hemisphere endures records freezes as the Southern Hemisphere roasts in record heat (as the author downs a cold beer after a day working outdoors). While all is tranquil here in Christchurch, the Tasman region […]

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