Open Thread on The Christchurch Earthquakes


Related material compiled by Martin Harris 9/2/19: Saves all interested readers some searching. It’s all here!


  1. Well, almost six years to the day since the Greendale 7.1 mag quake, and what do we have? Another 7.1 shake, this time up North.
    And we’re being warned there is likely more shaking to come.

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  2. Speaking as a British Civil Engineer working for leading Geotechnical Engineering firm in New Zealand during the earthquakes I can say conclusively it was Haarp. I was holidaying in Bluff during the December 2011 earthquake and witnessed the low level ionization rainbow cloud. I also saw spherical cloud formation going back to a singular point in the sky and it was visible all the way back to the horizon in a type of wave formation as far as the eye could see. While I was in the vicinity of Bluff there was also clicking interference on the radio and a feeling of severe exhaustion in the days leading up to the earthquake.

    Upon trying to raise my concerns i was subsequently mind controlled out of the country narrowly escaping death. Mind controllers continued to torture me on my return to the UK where they have been trying to damage my reputation by mind controlling me into mental hospitals. Things have quietened down now but i may write a report on everything i understand simply because they have wrecked my life to the extent it no longer makes sense. To put it all into perspective there were more dead in Christchurch than what the entire British army lost in Iraq, something overlooked here in Britain. Everyone should make sure that this never happens again to a beautiful tranquil city like Christchurch. Clearly there is no intelligence running this planet, everyone is working from fear at the top. Mind controllers you kill innocent engineers and make it look like suicide. The truth will be known.

    There is another British Engineer who lost his life whilst on holiday, his children deserve the truth about how you murdered their father using mind control.

    1. The HAARP transmission data was removed immediately after the Feb. ’11 quake but not before it was copied. There was a massive spike in the power of the emission at the time of the earthguake.

  3. I just tried to post a comment but was disconnected. I recall there was a High Level team of USA Senators and Govt Officials have Secret Meetings in CHCH where did they stay? I heard they Left CHCH airport 3 Hours before Earthquake struck and were heading to Japan. I read re[ports that Japanese Officials were Threatened by a Earthquake Machine if they did Not Comply with orders. and soon after they left a Earthquake/Tsunamai happened. Now it is intersesting to note that USA and NZ had a Major exercise off the CHCH Coast and were Ready to serve Food with in a short time of the Earthquake.

  4. I seem to recall a High Powered delegation of USA Senators Officials were in CHCH for a Meeting.and they all left 3 hours before the first earthquake struck. Where did they Stay and hold the Meetings? I Believe they then Flew to Japan. and read reports that Japanese officials had been threatend with an Earthquake machine if they did not respond. It is also interesting that the USA Navy was doing Exercises with the NZ Navy for the first time since the nuclear free changes and were ready to serve food to residents as soon as disaster struck. now I did a check at the time about the High Powered Visit and saw the info on a USA Govt Website. when I checked back to re read it the info had been removed……

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    I am happy to continue to comment and discuss here as well as The CON Trail, though my time is limited. I can provide plenty of links etc. as I have lots of info on the earthquake subject.
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      I have been very interested in your postings and would have loved exchange some informations and ideas with you
      I am French ( sorry for my poor English ), living at the moment in the Carribeans ( Dominican Republic )
      I have a good background in economics ( MBA and dr in economy ) and have been investigating the evolution of world from that point of view, for many years.
      As I live on the Hispaniola island, I have investigated thoroughly the Haiti earthquake that made 250,000 dead…and am convinced 99% it is a Haarp job. ( whatever demonstration you choose: the direct one or the demonstration by the absurd )
      As I have been , years ago , to NZ…and love the kiwis ( friends in Wellington ) I started to investigate CH earthquake , finding a lot of similarities with Haiti` s.
      Of course, Haarp activity is not limited to these 2 events…Even In France, we have had 2 devastating tempests in dec 1999, which according to specialists in meteorology were quite strange.
      As a matter of fact, France was opposed to the introduction of genetically modified organisms in Europe and to the MAI negociations…..One month later, France discretly capitulated…

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    Jo, I’ve seen footage on youtube of the “chemtrails” you’re speaking of, I’ll see if I can find it.

  9. So…CHINA, the US and Aussie defense forces come to town for “Operation Phoenix Spirit” (earthquake disaster relief forum) and look what happens to Seddon and Wellington.
    Note how shallow these quakes are.
    Want to follow along with detailed info and discussion on this subject? You’ll find more at,
    which unlike this website, hasn’t been caught snoozing…….

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  10. Did I just hear the TV news correctly? They were talking about John Key in relation to China and apologies over the latest Fonterra debacle…and in the same breath told us JK is making it a priority to change NZ’s flag to a silver fern (no union jack) …it sounded like this was a request (order?) from China. No, they didn’t actually say that, but that’s what it seemed to imply!

  11. Seems these quakes aren’t going away. Just alately we’ve had a few relatively strong tremors, including a 4.4 today just after 4pm. A look at the Christchurch quake map shows that these quakes are spreading further afeild, towards the west particularly. If one views these events as fracturing adjacent to a plate edge due to tectonic strain, then I think we need to be wary of the Alpine fault, especially when seen in the wider context of what’s happening further North between Seddon and the Strait.

  12. Confirmed!! Link between earthquakes and methane gas seepage:
    What did that Anadarko report say about NZ? “Leaking gas and oil”.
    So has Anadarko’s exploratory prospecting played a part in the Christchurch undersea quake-swarm?
    There’s a good bet our suspicions are correct.
    Even if these quakes (which continue offshore in the Canterbury Basin) are natural in origin, it is still madness to be drilling and using towed airgun seismic arrays in a quake-prone region, even more so now there is evidence of a link.

  13. The sky over Chch today has been a catalogue of weird phenomena. You name it we have it..all at the same time! Wonder if it’s a precursor to something. Too many chemtrails for my liking….

  14. I’ve been keeping an eye on that HAARPstatus induction magnetometer, and I have to say, I’m becoming a bit suspicious. Being familiar with HAARP Alaska’s Ind. Mag, I would expect to see Pc1 pulses, geomagnetic storm interference, and various transmission frequencies showing. All HAARPstatus shows is a constant 2.5Hz transmission. Hmmm….

  15. Scrumpy, you’ll find two clips of “rainbow cloud” chemtrails posted here:
    I found several more on youtube both from Christchurch and other parts of the world, but only one with an aircraft actually laying the trail.
    A few weeks ago we had an unidentified jet forming a ‘figure 8’ trail over the southeast, but I couldn’t find any leads or items about it.

  16. Yes Scrumpy, I too have witnessed some weird and wonderful cloud formations both during and between quakes here in Chch, and I have proof that not all of them are natural. The much publicised “fire rainbow” cloud of december 2012, both myself and Rob saw it form as a ‘chemtrail’, and I posted footage of a ‘plane caught in the act of making one of these trails on another thread (I’ll find the link). I have seen the Sinchian cloud footage (China) also.
    Be aware though, that there is a natural ground-to-ionosphere coupling effect associated with geomagnetism and tectonic strain due to the piozoelectric properties of quartz-bearing rock that could also be responsible for earthquake precursor effects such as Langmiur Vortices (rippled clouds), so it is by no means clear cut as to what is natural and what is artificial.
    I feel that the best evidence I have found to date is that youtube clip of the superDARN-like radio interference at the time of the Dec 2011 quake.
    I too would love to know who’s really pulling the strings Scrumpy. Maybe Icke’s right and we’re really ruled by interdimensional reptoids?

  17. I have personally spoken to eyewitnesses who experienced an “Oh my god, look at the sky” moment just before the Feb. quake struck. The sky was shimmering with colours. Very similar to what was filmed prior to the Chinese quake. As to who ‘they’ are I wish I knew. Our rulers have a whole new generation of toys to play with now.

    1. hi, scrumpy
      I have found your site quite interesting…If you have to leave Mexico, you are welcome here at my place in the Dominican republic

  18. Interesting thread here obviously this is mostly skeptics towing the official line that HAARP is all shut down right now.
    Anyone got any opinions of the HAARPstastus crowd? Is their magnetometer a fake?
    Even if HAARP really were closed, there are plenty of other facilities out there, and are our own superDARN-Unwin and Birdlings Flat facilities doing ? I wonder…

  19. Shallow quakes could mean HAARP, but not absolute evidence of course. I think HAARP tomography mode max. penetration is 30km.
    Funny how Gerry and Johnny both managed to be out of town though..and Gerry visiting his quake-rebuild buddies stateside. Like I said, maybe Welly needs a makeover, NWO style.
    Your comment Scrumpy about the “failure” of Sept 10, I think you are jumping to conclusions. It may have been a failure, or may have done what it was intended to do, or it may have been a result of tectonic strain due to natural forces. In the absence of hard evidence, it’s just speculation. Nevertheless, I agree that anyone living in the Wellington region should be concerned and prepared.

  20. Depth of 10km’s. Isn’t that a HAARP signature? Based on what they did to Chch in Feb. ’11 after the failure of their quake in Sep. ’10 to kill and destroy enough I would be very worried if I lived in Wellywood right now.

  21. Can you believe this? HAARP claims to be “shut down since May” hence the reason noone can access data. As Dutchsinse shows, this is nonsense (scroll past the garden pics to the second article):
    If HAARP is shut down, then whose Ionospheric heater is HAARPstatus monitoring?
    The whole thing reeks of a coverup, especially just after the recent upgrade to the facility and the massive ‘plasma bubble’ they succeeded in generating, I would think HAARP has “paid off” and probably “gone Black”. From now on I wouldn’t be surprised if all direct access to HAARP data is permanently offlimits.