Open Thread on The Christchurch Earthquakes


Related material compiled by Martin Harris 9/2/19: Saves all interested readers some searching. It’s all here!


  1. Well, almost six years to the day since the Greendale 7.1 mag quake, and what do we have? Another 7.1 shake, this time up North.
    And we’re being warned there is likely more shaking to come.

    1. Martin Harris is moderator at this site so be careful with the insults Jihadi John. There’s an old saying about biting the hand that feeds….
      Thanks John de Rothschild for your comments, nice to see you commenting here, will see you at!

  2. Speaking as a British Civil Engineer working for leading Geotechnical Engineering firm in New Zealand during the earthquakes I can say conclusively it was Haarp. I was holidaying in Bluff during the December 2011 earthquake and witnessed the low level ionization rainbow cloud. I also saw spherical cloud formation going back to a singular point in the sky and it was visible all the way back to the horizon in a type of wave formation as far as the eye could see. While I was in the vicinity of Bluff there was also clicking interference on the radio and a feeling of severe exhaustion in the days leading up to the earthquake.

    Upon trying to raise my concerns i was subsequently mind controlled out of the country narrowly escaping death. Mind controllers continued to torture me on my return to the UK where they have been trying to damage my reputation by mind controlling me into mental hospitals. Things have quietened down now but i may write a report on everything i understand simply because they have wrecked my life to the extent it no longer makes sense. To put it all into perspective there were more dead in Christchurch than what the entire British army lost in Iraq, something overlooked here in Britain. Everyone should make sure that this never happens again to a beautiful tranquil city like Christchurch. Clearly there is no intelligence running this planet, everyone is working from fear at the top. Mind controllers you kill innocent engineers and make it look like suicide. The truth will be known.

    There is another British Engineer who lost his life whilst on holiday, his children deserve the truth about how you murdered their father using mind control.

    1. The HAARP transmission data was removed immediately after the Feb. ’11 quake but not before it was copied. There was a massive spike in the power of the emission at the time of the earthguake.

  3. I just tried to post a comment but was disconnected. I recall there was a High Level team of USA Senators and Govt Officials have Secret Meetings in CHCH where did they stay? I heard they Left CHCH airport 3 Hours before Earthquake struck and were heading to Japan. I read re[ports that Japanese Officials were Threatened by a Earthquake Machine if they did Not Comply with orders. and soon after they left a Earthquake/Tsunamai happened. Now it is intersesting to note that USA and NZ had a Major exercise off the CHCH Coast and were Ready to serve Food with in a short time of the Earthquake.

  4. I seem to recall a High Powered delegation of USA Senators Officials were in CHCH for a Meeting.and they all left 3 hours before the first earthquake struck. Where did they Stay and hold the Meetings? I Believe they then Flew to Japan. and read reports that Japanese officials had been threatend with an Earthquake machine if they did not respond. It is also interesting that the USA Navy was doing Exercises with the NZ Navy for the first time since the nuclear free changes and were ready to serve food to residents as soon as disaster struck. now I did a check at the time about the High Powered Visit and saw the info on a USA Govt Website. when I checked back to re read it the info had been removed……

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    tried again to sign up on thecontrail. They said an email has been sent to my email to check it…but haven’t received anything….

  6. Bonjour hcgaia, sorry my French far worse than your English!
    I am happy to continue to comment and discuss here as well as The CON Trail, though my time is limited. I can provide plenty of links etc. as I have lots of info on the earthquake subject.
    Rose says you can sign up to CON Trail now as you have been invited by myself, the sign up process should work. But anyhow I’ll continue to check in on Uncensored regularly. MH.

  7. Seems someone has fiddled with the “sign up” on The CON Trail site, Rose says she’ll get it sorted. She also said she originally wanted to keep membership to 300 and its now 1500+.

    1. it s a pity…but what can be done ?
      ( If Rose wants to keep her database of members under 1500, maybe the best way would be not to block new appliants…but clean the database by excluding members who haven’t been active for more than 2 years, which I estimate more than 50%…)
      I have been very interested in your postings and would have loved exchange some informations and ideas with you
      I am French ( sorry for my poor English ), living at the moment in the Carribeans ( Dominican Republic )
      I have a good background in economics ( MBA and dr in economy ) and have been investigating the evolution of world from that point of view, for many years.
      As I live on the Hispaniola island, I have investigated thoroughly the Haiti earthquake that made 250,000 dead…and am convinced 99% it is a Haarp job. ( whatever demonstration you choose: the direct one or the demonstration by the absurd )
      As I have been , years ago , to NZ…and love the kiwis ( friends in Wellington ) I started to investigate CH earthquake , finding a lot of similarities with Haiti` s.
      Of course, Haarp activity is not limited to these 2 events…Even In France, we have had 2 devastating tempests in dec 1999, which according to specialists in meteorology were quite strange.
      As a matter of fact, France was opposed to the introduction of genetically modified organisms in Europe and to the MAI negociations…..One month later, France discretly capitulated…

  8. I’ve actually sent Rose (admin) at The CON Trail and brought this issue to her attention. Shame you can’t get signed up I hope Rose sorts something out. “Blue” is the answer I Would pick.
    Jo, I’ve seen footage on youtube of the “chemtrails” you’re speaking of, I’ll see if I can find it.

  9. So…CHINA, the US and Aussie defense forces come to town for “Operation Phoenix Spirit” (earthquake disaster relief forum) and look what happens to Seddon and Wellington.
    Note how shallow these quakes are.
    Want to follow along with detailed info and discussion on this subject? You’ll find more at,
    which unlike this website, hasn’t been caught snoozing…….

    1. the only problem is that does not want any new members
      to sign up, you have to answer a question:
      What’s colour is the sky when there are no planes in the sky
      tried, blue and the same…until pissed off

      1. Yep I have tried to sign up 10 times and emailed them and had NO answers. I would assume the sky is “Blue” as they have asked when signing up and it still doesn’t work. Gave up. All I wanted was to see the apparent chemtrails in Rangiora shortly before the Quake???

  10. Did I just hear the TV news correctly? They were talking about John Key in relation to China and apologies over the latest Fonterra debacle…and in the same breath told us JK is making it a priority to change NZ’s flag to a silver fern (no union jack) …it sounded like this was a request (order?) from China. No, they didn’t actually say that, but that’s what it seemed to imply!

  11. Seems these quakes aren’t going away. Just alately we’ve had a few relatively strong tremors, including a 4.4 today just after 4pm. A look at the Christchurch quake map shows that these quakes are spreading further afeild, towards the west particularly. If one views these events as fracturing adjacent to a plate edge due to tectonic strain, then I think we need to be wary of the Alpine fault, especially when seen in the wider context of what’s happening further North between Seddon and the Strait.

  12. Confirmed!! Link between earthquakes and methane gas seepage:
    What did that Anadarko report say about NZ? “Leaking gas and oil”.
    So has Anadarko’s exploratory prospecting played a part in the Christchurch undersea quake-swarm?
    There’s a good bet our suspicions are correct.
    Even if these quakes (which continue offshore in the Canterbury Basin) are natural in origin, it is still madness to be drilling and using towed airgun seismic arrays in a quake-prone region, even more so now there is evidence of a link.

  13. The sky over Chch today has been a catalogue of weird phenomena. You name it we have it..all at the same time! Wonder if it’s a precursor to something. Too many chemtrails for my liking….

  14. I’ve been keeping an eye on that HAARPstatus induction magnetometer, and I have to say, I’m becoming a bit suspicious. Being familiar with HAARP Alaska’s Ind. Mag, I would expect to see Pc1 pulses, geomagnetic storm interference, and various transmission frequencies showing. All HAARPstatus shows is a constant 2.5Hz transmission. Hmmm….

  15. Scrumpy, you’ll find two clips of “rainbow cloud” chemtrails posted here:
    I found several more on youtube both from Christchurch and other parts of the world, but only one with an aircraft actually laying the trail.
    A few weeks ago we had an unidentified jet forming a ‘figure 8’ trail over the southeast, but I couldn’t find any leads or items about it.

  16. Yes Scrumpy, I too have witnessed some weird and wonderful cloud formations both during and between quakes here in Chch, and I have proof that not all of them are natural. The much publicised “fire rainbow” cloud of december 2012, both myself and Rob saw it form as a ‘chemtrail’, and I posted footage of a ‘plane caught in the act of making one of these trails on another thread (I’ll find the link). I have seen the Sinchian cloud footage (China) also.
    Be aware though, that there is a natural ground-to-ionosphere coupling effect associated with geomagnetism and tectonic strain due to the piozoelectric properties of quartz-bearing rock that could also be responsible for earthquake precursor effects such as Langmiur Vortices (rippled clouds), so it is by no means clear cut as to what is natural and what is artificial.
    I feel that the best evidence I have found to date is that youtube clip of the superDARN-like radio interference at the time of the Dec 2011 quake.
    I too would love to know who’s really pulling the strings Scrumpy. Maybe Icke’s right and we’re really ruled by interdimensional reptoids?

  17. I have personally spoken to eyewitnesses who experienced an “Oh my god, look at the sky” moment just before the Feb. quake struck. The sky was shimmering with colours. Very similar to what was filmed prior to the Chinese quake. As to who ‘they’ are I wish I knew. Our rulers have a whole new generation of toys to play with now.

    1. hi, scrumpy
      I have found your site quite interesting…If you have to leave Mexico, you are welcome here at my place in the Dominican republic

  18. Interesting thread here obviously this is mostly skeptics towing the official line that HAARP is all shut down right now.
    Anyone got any opinions of the HAARPstastus crowd? Is their magnetometer a fake?
    Even if HAARP really were closed, there are plenty of other facilities out there, and are our own superDARN-Unwin and Birdlings Flat facilities doing ? I wonder…

  19. Shallow quakes could mean HAARP, but not absolute evidence of course. I think HAARP tomography mode max. penetration is 30km.
    Funny how Gerry and Johnny both managed to be out of town though..and Gerry visiting his quake-rebuild buddies stateside. Like I said, maybe Welly needs a makeover, NWO style.
    Your comment Scrumpy about the “failure” of Sept 10, I think you are jumping to conclusions. It may have been a failure, or may have done what it was intended to do, or it may have been a result of tectonic strain due to natural forces. In the absence of hard evidence, it’s just speculation. Nevertheless, I agree that anyone living in the Wellington region should be concerned and prepared.

  20. Depth of 10km’s. Isn’t that a HAARP signature? Based on what they did to Chch in Feb. ’11 after the failure of their quake in Sep. ’10 to kill and destroy enough I would be very worried if I lived in Wellywood right now.

  21. Can you believe this? HAARP claims to be “shut down since May” hence the reason noone can access data. As Dutchsinse shows, this is nonsense (scroll past the garden pics to the second article):
    If HAARP is shut down, then whose Ionospheric heater is HAARPstatus monitoring?
    The whole thing reeks of a coverup, especially just after the recent upgrade to the facility and the massive ‘plasma bubble’ they succeeded in generating, I would think HAARP has “paid off” and probably “gone Black”. From now on I wouldn’t be surprised if all direct access to HAARP data is permanently offlimits.

  22. This is a slightly different scenario to the Chch quake sequence which involved crustal faulting adjacent to the tectonic plate edge, from what I can see on the simulation this appears to be along the Alpine fault itself. Is this natural or is there artificial interference. HAARPstatus says 2.5Hz is being broadcast, which raises suspicions somewhat:

  23. Wellington’s turn.
    The writer of this piece is taking the right attitude. Without being alarmist, I suggest Wellingtonians do NOT assume “everythings OK”. Learn from Chch, we were told it was “all over” after September 2010 and look what happened. Have a battery radio handy, and torches. Warm, durable clothing, bottled water, and food that doesn’t require cooking. Be prepared, stay cool and calm, and be safe.
    This was a very shallow quake especially for the Cook Strait region. Keep an eye on that aftershock sequence.

  24. Hi Rob. Yeah, a lot of folks have had difficulties with the site, felt like I was talking to myself for a while, plus I’m sure a few put off by the recent shenanigans with Mr. Ivor. A few participants taking part now though, hopefully things will liven up and some interesting discussion/debate taking place.
    Happy catchup-reading.

  25. thanks for all the info Martin. Had internet trouble and real trouble trying to get this site to load. Lots of reading to do.

    1. I just tried to post a comment but was disconnected. I recall there was a High Level team of USA Senators and Govt Officials have Secret Meetings in CHCH where did they stay? I heard they Left CHCH airport 3 Hours before Earthquake struck and were heading to Japan. I read re[ports that Japanese Officials were Threatened by a Earthquake Machine if they did Not Comply with orders. and soon after they left a Earthquake/Tsunamai happened. Now it is intersesting to note that USA and NZ had a Major exercise off the CHCH Coast and were Ready to serve Food with in a short time of the Earthquake.

  26. A very moving piece of footage that shows the immediate aftermath of the 22 Feb quake at our beloved Freeville school. This is my neighbourhood, and the school my son attends.
    I still remember well the horror of the 2 hour slow drive home from work that day, seeing the devastation, not knowing if my partner and kids were alive or not. The relief at seeing them sitting in the driveway with cases of clothing retrieved from our broken house. This is not just about politics and conspiracies, it is about people and their lives.

  27. Regarding the school closure/merger issue here in Chch, this is an interesting bit of parliementary exchange that echoes my own suspicions on the real reason behind the lies.
    Why else would they close a high performing school with new, state of the art Shared Learning facilities, with full attendance, if not with the aim of attracting Private Charter School interests?

  28. Regarding the school closure/merger issue here in Chch, this is an interesting bit of parliementary exchange that echoes my own suspicions on the real reason behind the lies.
    Why else would they close a high performing school with new, state of the art Shared Learning facilities, with full attendance, if not with the aim of attracting Private Charter School interests?

  29. The HAARPstatus induction magnetometer, assuming this is honest stuff and not some made-up simulation, is currently showing the likely reason why HAARP’s own mag. data isn’t available: a very strong 2.5Hz broadcast. (see yesterday’s link).

  30. HAARP update: Up until recently I was checking HAARP’s Induction magnetometer charts on a daily basis and reporting here if there was anything interesting or suspicious to note, but for a few weeks now I have been unable to access any HAARP realtime data at all. Turns out I’m not the only one. No one seems to be able to gain access…except these crafty folks with their own magnetometer ‘tuned in’ to Alaska!

  31. Here’s a good run-down on some of the radar facilities (especially Birdlings Flat and Unwin) that we talk about in relation to the quakes and weather modification:

  32. A little bit about how I got into this subject. I live in a quake damaged home in the badly-affected Eastern suburbs of Christchurch. During the first few weeks after the Feb 22 2011 shake, the school grounds right next door to where I live became the military base-of-operations for the relief effort. I was amazed how quickly the army was mobilised, and one of the soldiers commented that they were “all geared up” because coincidentally there was a big joint-forces exercise going on involving disaster relief.
    Some weeks prior to the quakes beginning I had watched an unusual ship with some sort of crane-like apparatus which I observed a number of times off the New Brighton coast. After the quakes began we were subjected to a “quake swarm” with several shakes a day emanating from exactly the same place the ship was roaming. I think this ship was probably the Reflect Resolution seismic vessel.
    Then there was the “hum” that kept me awake at nights…..

    1. My god, I would not want to be standing (or living) near one of those arrays when they’re turned on…thanks for the link!

  33. Hi Busby and Mike. Busby, yikes! My search for answers about what happened here in Christchurch was a 3000+ post oddysey. Along the way, we discussed HAARP, superDARN, chemtrails, Isareli spies, Anadarko and a whole host of off-topic (yet strangely related) subjects. To sum it all up “in a nutshell” would be a tall order. I posted heaps of pdf’s on the HAARP subject, and fortunately, these I can put up in a single link thanks to the resourceful Mr. Dutchsinse (i’ll get onto it soon).
    I currently subscribe to no specific theory about the actual causes, although the whole scenario stinks to high heaven. Any one of the many theories and variations have something going for them.
    Mike, obviously you’ve done a fair bit of research yourself, and yes, I’m aware of KPI Rothschild (also under the name Kea Property Investments) and the land owned by David de Rothschild.
    I’d like to know more about these “black boxes”, sounds a bit familiar?
    Are you aware that the Australian “HAARP” TIGER array is connected to the Unwin radar down in Bluff?
    As you say, also connected to Antarctica, part of the global superDARN network.
    This setup seems to be what makes the strange click-pulse sound on the car stereo in the youtube clip I posted a while back.
    Busby I’ll try and get you up to speed on the basics as I continue.

  34. Greedy ! ! oil barons inbred with greedy builders/developers inbred with greedy bankers and greedy politicians E T C . . E T C . .. . We demonstrate against Anadarko’s exploring off Kaikoura’s coast and they will drill anyway. “They . . . . .” devastated Christchurch so they could move in and make money rebuilding and drilling more oil ; destroying the ozone and fracking and haarping everywhere and on and on. They care less about the multi layered negative impacts their greed and psychosis causes. When money rules over ethics, there is no conscience and very little compassion.
    We demonstrate when we can and write our letters and make our calls to the politicians that rarely listen or act. Most all politicians are bought by the corporations and lobbyists anyway. It all makes a peace and justice loving persons blood boil. Thanks Mike and Martin. We just need to keep up and keep exposing and keep speaking and writing. Hoping the ” Hundredth Monkey Theory ” will come to light and M O S T ! ! of these rotten greedy crooks will just slip into the ocean on the next natural disaster they help produce. Then maybe we can take back Banks Peninsula and Christchurch etc. and really make them places of genuine beauty; healing and wonder instead of sometimes being places of stress and greed and frustration.

  35. Hi Martin,

    For those of us (or maybe just me) coming in ‘late in the day’ with really no knowledge at all on this topic/thread, could I ask a favour?

    Would it be possibly to summarise your key points/ findings/ and top links on this topic? I hope this does not sound lazy – just acknowledging my lack of knowledge and trying to save some time (and given your postings on this, it seems you have a major head start on most).


  36. shit your good martin,that tunnel was from ww2 from lyttleton heads back to the sign of the takahe and the old naval barracks at cass bay was the ammo dump,if you have ever been up or to boulder bay,you will find the gun emplacements still there with the old barracks,and if you walk along the waterfront from the easterly point of lyttleton harbour at the bottom of the cliffs you will find the old gun emplacements and then start of the tunnels,that has a train line in it still and is all on google,,i come from there

  37. nice work martin, and sugarloaf was the receiver,and birdlings flat the responder,with with black boxes were placed around the city like laser siting it ,either coming from one or two haarp installations,one in Exmouth west Australia and the other in antartica,the one in oz has 1man operation huts spanning across Australia,making sure nz can get a signal ,hence sugarloaf,now in the arctic,you have project lucy,its on google under arctic news,where they used haarp radio frequencies and chemtrails to try and push methane up into the ozone and then use radio waves to condense with a mixture of chems for alchemy to make 4 parts hydrogen,to 1 part carbon,thus creating diamonds from methane,hence project lucy,its in arctic news but also check project cirrus,project popeye,project stormfury, project seal, for all geo engineering world wide

  38. you nearly have it martin and now I will fit the pieces, mn Rothschild owns land in chch and has burnham army barracks as his own security, he owns half of chch under kpi Rothschild,and the elite want to hide in nz when then shit hits the fan,next look up the opal file on google and in 1967in nz fletchers were supporting America,and cia with trilateral agreement, when chch got haarped,18 out of 24 buildings damaged were Rothschild owned,and fletchers have the contract to rebuild,in 67 fletchers were backing petrocorp in the opal file and they knew that the worlds biggest oil ,gas reserve is the great southern basin just off banks peninsula,and America has been after this since the 60s until the fema conference and now Anadarko taking over,now if you google foreign troops training in America until the 5th july, you will notice, they are nz,army,japanese army,and chilian army,now all 3 countrys have all been extorted by America and haarped,yet since the chch haarp attack,nz has not trained with the yanks since 1984 when longe made nz nuclear free which cancelled the anzus treaty,he took the z out and left anus!

  39. Many years ago I attended an ‘open day’ at unusual research facility located in a very large WW2 bunker tunneled into the Port hills here in Chch. Run by the Canterbury University, this was the “Ring Laser” project. A very sensitive peice of equipment capable of measuring tiny variations in the Earth’s rotation and orbit, and detecting microquakes etc. We were told practical uses for such a device included precision targeting, suggesting military applications.
    Now, following the Feb 22 quake, something about this ring laser (apparently the most powerful such device extant) kept nagging at the back of my mind. I recall the unusual effects of the quake, the way it seemed “focussed” or “targeted” at the central city after the seismic wave travelled across the plains and ‘reflected’ off the Port Hills. Seismologists used a new term, “seismic lensing”, to describe what ocurred.
    The Birdlings Flat facility (run also by Canterbury University, and ominously funded by the DOD), has often been named as the potential cause of these quakes. But was the ring laser involved? How?
    Today I was reading a book “Breaking the Time Barrier” by Jenny Randles and ring lasers were mentioned in relation to gravity distortion effects. Bear in mind the location: beneath the Port Hills, just above Princess Margeret Hospital, overlooking the CBD.
    Is it possible that Birdlings Flat acted as a transmitter and the ring laser worked as a receiver/targeting/focussing device?
    This seems like an area that needs some further research! Watch this space…..

  40. Very slightly off-topic, but there has been an inordinate amount of seismic activity in the Milford Sound region in the last day or two:
    Note how shallow these quakes are, only 5km deep.
    Back on-topic, it seems Gerry the Hutt’s grip on Chch is tightening (as if it wasn’t tight enough) with the already toothless Chch City Council losing it’s consents accreditation.

  41. Something else to think about. Did China sabotage the US economy by causing the ‘crash’ of 2008?
    Ever heard of David X. Li ?

  42. Here’s a link picked at random on the Pine Gap quake (it would more accurate to say “Close to Pine Gap”)
    Although this is a “conspiracy” site there is plenty of mainstream info on it, if you Google “earthquake Pine Gap”. You’ll find there was actually a few quakes in the Alice Springs area, including on just recently I seem to recall.

  43. thanks Martin, some things to think about. Did Pine Gap have a “earthquake”? When was that?

  44. The ‘someone’ who ordered all the photos of the structures in the Gobi. If it was US intelligence, why not use their own satellites? A few years ago China targeted and successfully destroyed one of it’s own sats as a message to the world of it’s space-defense capabilities, so perhaps the US was using discretion by using Google to obtain photos of these structures?
    The way it looks to me is like China has been doing some pretty large scale bombing practice, and the US and their allies have taken notice and taken pre-emptive action. China may have retaliated by attacking Denver, Washington, Nevada, Tonopah, Pine Gap, and Christchurch. It has been suggested that the 2008 Sichuan quake was a HAARP job by the US, which would give China even more reason to strike the US with similair technology.
    It almost seems like a “quiet war” has been going on, without the usual media circus, the table-thumping and visible military forces buildup (but note the military readiness in the Chch case, under guise of an “exercise”!). Interesting scenario, as if either side made noises publicly, then both sides would have to admit possessing geoterrorism technologies, and then there’d be a lot of explaining to do!
    I stress again, that this all speculation on my part and all open to question and criticism.

  45. Cheers Rob, and welcome back. I’ve done a lot of research on the “things” in these pics, and I intend to follow up with some eyebrow-raising stuff. But first, let’s get down to some explanations.
    The collosal grid is in fact an in-progress wind farm on a massive scale. In some places the rotors of the completed turbines are visible on Google Earth. The strange puzzle-like rectangle of lines is a bombing range, the lines represent roads. Another photo shows two aircraft-carrier outlines, again these are military bombing targets. The octagonal structure with airplanes and trucks parked between rectangular boxes, once again these are bombing practice targets.
    Now, here’s the thing….
    All these structures are clustered in the same area of the Gobi desert. And a few years ago, a “mystery client” ordered hundreds of photos of this area from Google at great expense. And this is where the plot thickens……

  46. Just before 2pm this afternoon, a very prominent “figure eight” contrail was laid over Banks Peninsula. I have some investigating to do!….

  47. Just to get the facts absolutely straight before someone corrects me, 8 of the PPF delegates left for Wellington (Including John Key) at 10.30 am on the day of the quake to sign an oil exploration deal in JK’s office. As this was clearly all prearranged (and the MV Aquila already in NZ waters) I doubt their departure was connected to foreknowledge of an impending ‘quake.
    If anyone feels they have compelling evidence that could sway me on my opinion, I’m open to discussion and constructive criticism.


    Have a good read folks. Any story that the delegates and participants in the 4th PPF had foreknowledge and left town prior to the quakes is well and truly ‘busted’.
    So the PPF crowd were caught unawares..the Israeli backpacker “spies” were caught unawares.
    Which leaves Ivor’s claim that the Israeli rescue team had foreknowledge. And it seems highly unlikely that Anadarko would “HAARP” Christchurch while their mates and allies in the US military-industrial fold were in town, yes?
    Things are suddenly looking very shaky for the “America did it” theory.
    What about my “China did it” theory?
    I don’t see even a glimmer of a mention of China in the agenda in the pdf summary above….but the 5th PPF has lots to say about China (see the “Rise up or Die” thread).
    Clearly something has changed the focus in the last couple of years. Like as if China told the US “you wanna piece of NZ? You gotta come through us!”

  49. Been reading some of the media exposure on the 5th Pacific Partners Forum taking place stateside (and so far unthreatened by earthquakes!).
    There seems to be a mystery here….
    The story about the 4th Forum which took place in Christchurch in Feb 2011 has become part of the “legend” of the Man-Made Quake theory. According to the version of events reported By Jeff Phillips and others, the PPF attendees (many of them with US Navy and aerospace backgrounds and ties to RAND, BAE etc) left town rather abruptly shortly before the quake struck….suggesting they either had foreknowledge or were given a ‘heads up’ that something was brewing.
    However, the media is now reporting that the attendees were in fact present during the event and were first-hand witnesses to the destruction.
    Looks like I need to do some digging.
    Anyone able to shed any light on the truth of this matter?

  50. Just to be clear here, I note that Ivor has started a fresh thread focussing on the ‘Israeli backpackers’ aspect of the Christchurch quake story. I shall focus here on other aspects. HAARP, seismology, Anadarko etc. And commentary on the rebuild debacle where relevant.
    Any information I may uncover along the way that pertains to Ivors area of research, I shall post into his ‘dirty doings’ thread.
    Ivor, let’s put the bickering and dirt throwing behind us and see if we can rebuild what was lost on this site.
    I recall a time when we worked together and brought attention to the evils of fracking.
    I’m keen to start afresh. How about it? Peace?

  51. For those who watch the YouTube clip of the car radio, the significance of the date may not be clear unless you live in Chch. We had a significant quake on that date (23 Dec) that had the Eastern suburbs swamped in liquefaction for the third time that year. More damage, more EQC claims, more cleanup.
    Most people think in terms of a single event, the Feb quake, and a bunch of aftershocks. We had the September 2010 event, Feb, June, and December 2011. It just seemed neverending. With every tremor one braced oneself for the worst. Imagine several aftershocks per day over two years and you begin to understand the mental strain and frayed nerves.
    And then the government decides to kick us while we are down with school ‘merger’ deal ….lovely.

  52. A lot of quake activity in the Rolleston area at the moment, mostly small and shallow, but there was a 4.2 this afternoon, the biggest we’ve had in a while, 6kms depth.

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