Mars had a ‘planet-wide groundwater system,’ stunning breakthrough reveals

Mars. Always an intriguing place, looks more and more like the “dying world” of HG Wells and Percival Lowell (remember the alleged “canals”?). Now, as RT reports, traces of underground lakes and linked waterways have been found.

Fri, 01 Mar 2019 10:40 UTC

Mars crater water


Scientists have discovered the first geological evidence of a system of ancient interconnected underground lakes on Mars. Five of the lakes may have contained minerals that are crucial to life.

A new study now reveals ancient Mars had a planet-wide underground water system, confirming what before now was only theorized, thanks to the European Space Agency (ESA) Mars Express orbiter.

“Early Mars was a watery world, but as the planet’s climate changed this water retreated below the surface to form pools and ‘groundwater,'” said lead author Francesco Salese. “We traced this water in our study, as its scale and role is a matter of debate, and we found the first geological evidence of a planet-wide groundwater system on Mars.”

Mars water study 1

© European Space Agency

Scientists examined 24 deep enclosed craters in Mars’ northern hemisphere, which had depths of 4,000m below “martian sea level.” The floors were found to contain features that could only be created by water, such as valleys and channels on the crater walls and dark deltas thought to have formed from water levels rising and falling.

Mars water study 2

© European Space Agency

“These lakes would have existed around 3.5bn years ago, so may have been contemporaries of a Martian ocean,” co-author Gian Gabriele Ori said, explaining that the underground lakes were likely connected to the ocean, which is thought to have existed 3-4 billion years ago.

Researchers were excited by the discovery of minerals in five of the lakes, including clays, carbonates, and silicates. The find adds further weight to the theory that Mars was home to life at one stage.


Interociter Exeter

Martin says:

So once again, science fiction and popular speculation seems to be almost prophetic and distinctly predictive. Even my profile image (Exeter) is from the classic movie “This Island Earth” in which Exeter came from a dying world where life moved underground due to the failing ionosphere. Will Earth too eventually succumb to this fate? Our magnetosphere is currently weakening at a rapid pace, although it has to be said that this (along with subsequent geomagnetic reversals) has occurred many times in the past. Still, all the Elite bunkers and DUMBs aren’t for nothing!

(Left) This 1894 map of Mars was prepared by Eugene Antoniadi and redrawn by Lowell Hess. (Right) A Hubble Space Telescope photo of Mars shows the modern view of our neighboring planet.

About 120 years ago, however, at least one prominent astronomer was convinced that Mars not only supported life, but was home to an advanced civilization. Martians, the theory went, had built an extensive network of canals to draw water down from supposed icecaps at the Red Planet’s poles to irrigate a world that was drying out.

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