Covid Re-infection: Vaccination, Natural Antibodies and Honest Stats.

Some superb research and honest stats on the likelihood of Covid re-infection provides food for thought on the Natural antibodies vs Vaccinated protection subject. Thanks to BJ for this item.

began Covid Immunity

Every morning after breakfast, while ensconced upon The Throne, I read today’s news. I alternate between reading “The Week” (a left-leaning publication) and American Free Press (a right-leaning publication), as I try to remain informed on both sides of the current insanity. Today, I was reading an article from the right in the Health & Science section entitled “Covid Getting More Efficient”. Not actually an article, but a brief 200 word summary of 2 recent studies on airborne transmission reported by The New York Times.

The main-stream media is finally being forced to at least acknowledge the large and growing number of people that are getting Covid-19 AFTER receiving vaccinations. And as usual, they are responding with the usual slew of commercials, news reports and website minions doing their best to explain why, without admitting that the vaccines are effectively useless.

So after conducting my “royal business” I hopped online to see how common (or uncommon) it is for an individual to get Covid-19 more than once. And while there are a plethora of sources reporting that getting Covid twice is indeed very rare, I noticed that nearly all these sources were fallacious in their reporting in that they did not differentiate between getting the Covid vaccine and being previously infected with Covid and having natural antibodies. Thus intentionally misleading the reader to believe they are equally protected either way from getting re-infected.

Fortunately, I was able to find a few independent (honest) sources that provide the actual statistics, two of which I’ve quoted and provided links to below.

“Survivors of Covid-19 are significantly less likely than the rest of the population to catch the novel coronavirus…” and “That’s a tenfold decrease, which is essentially a 90% reduction in risk for people who previously tested positive for coronavirus antibodies [had been infected with the novel coronavirus at some point previously.)

“It’s very rare for someone to get infected with the coronavirus causing the disease COVID-19 a second time… There are about 60 confirmed cases of reinfection globally. That’s far less than 1% of the 112 million cases reported around the world.”

At some point, a simple means of differentiating and further exposing the con came to mind…


Which group is more likely to get Covid and pass it on to others?

                A) Individuals previously infected with and surviving Covid-19

                B) Individuals previously injected with and surviving the Covid vaccine


Probability of A is 34% – 38% depending on the data source.

                   Probability of B is 0.0000044% – 0.0000053% depending on the data source.

Food for thought…


BJ, Los Angeles

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