BOMBSHELL: True Covid Death Figures Revealed by FOI Request UK. PLEASE SHARE!

Shocking truth. This FOI release came out a MONTH ago. No mention in the Mainstream Media. READ AND SHARE!

Deaths from COVID-19 with no other underlying causes

Release date:
16 December 2021

FOI Ref: ​FOI/2021/3240

You asked

​​Please can you advise on deaths purely from covid with no other underlying causes.

We said

Thank you for your request.

We are responsible for the production of mortality data for England and Wales, this is derived from death certificates in the process of death registration.

For mortality figures where COVID-19 was the sole cause of death, please see: Pre-existing conditions of people whose death was recorded with an underlying cause of COVID-19, this dataset can be found in section 8 of the Monthly mortality analysis bulletin. This dataset provides a greater insight into the leading pre-existing cause of death groups, for deaths occurring in England and Wales, in 2020 and the first two quarters of 2021 that were due to COVID-19.

Please see ‘table 1a, row 28’ (2020) and ‘table 1, row 29 (2021)’ for deaths where COVID-19 was listed as the underlying cause, but had no other pre-existing conditions recorded on the death certificate, England and Wales. Table 1b represents these figures for England and table 1c figures are for Wales.

This publication will be updated quarterly. COVID-19 deaths involving pre-existing conditions is split by broad age groups between 1-64 and 65+.

Please see below for death registrations for 2020 and 2021 (provisional) that were due to COVID-19 and were recorded without any pre-existing conditions, England and Wales.

2020: 9400 (0-64: 1549 / 65 and over: 7851)

2021 Q1: 6483 (0-64: 1560/ 65 and over: 4923)

2021 Q2: 346 (0-64: 153/ 65 and over: 193)

2021 Q3: 1142 (0-64: 512/ 65 and over: 630)

If you would like to discuss this query further, please contact

Deaths from COVID-19 with no other underlying causes – Office for National Statistics (

Average age of deaths: 82.5 years (2021)

Total number of Covid deaths in the UK in 2020 and first three quarters of 2021;


Of these, the number over 65 years:


Under 65 years old total deaths:


PERSPECTIVE: the average life expectancy in the UK?

79 years for males

82.9 years for females

Source; births, deaths and marriages UK Gov. (2018 to 2020 data)

National life tables – life expectancy in the UK – Office for National Statistics (

Read that again!

The average age of Covid death was HIGHER than the average life expectancy.

Compare with the “Covid related” figures officially published and your blood will boil at the scale of the deception:

Deaths in the UK | Coronavirus in the UK (

Deaths with COVID-19 on the death certificate



Value: 1023

 — Abstract information: Weekly number of deaths where COVID-19 is mentioned as a cause on the death certificate, registered during the week ending Friday, 7 January 2022.
Click for additional details.



PERSPECTIVE: During this period…

Probably an extra 50,000 deaths from cancer, over the past 18 months, you otherwise would not have had

Failure to report early

Difficulty getting to see GP

Fear of hospital admissions

Missed chemotherapy

Missed radiotherapy

6 million waiting for NHS treatment

Source; Professor Karol Sikora, University of Buckingham Former head of cancer programme at WHO

Are you feeling angry yet, dear reader?

Let’s give you some more.

PERSPECTIVE: Total deaths from influenza and pneumonia combined in 2018?


Is it any wonder that the UK Government has ditched the mask mandates and the Covid pass? The emperor has no clothes.

Not a word on this from the MSM here in New Zealand? How about Australia, Canada, the US? Anything, anyone?

THINK! If this is the truth from the UK, then the situation is likely to be the same in your own country. Time to start demanding answers!

So what are we going to do about this? I suggest you start by sharing this information.

New Zealand is about to enter a short, sharp wave of Omicron infection. This variant is mild, it is highly infectious but for most, it will pose no great danger.

Then it will all be over UNLESS you allow our government and media to continue spewing lies and propaganda. Now is the time to make a stand.

All vaccine passes in NZ expire on June 1 2022. The pandemic will be over and SARS CoV-2 will be endemic by that time. Let’s make sure the passes stay expired and all mandates dropped. We yelled it loud and clear at the protests: “Mandates over!”.

This reign of fear and lies is done and finished. Fill the vacuum with knowledge and truth. Spread the word.

SEE ALSO: UK Ends Restrictions. Mandates Over! (

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Martin Harris

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