Clarke Gayford Home Detention Rumours: Where is he?

Many of you will have heard something. We are trying to get some clarity. All that is clear however is that we just don’t know. Where is Gayford?

Wiki claims to have the answers, but a read of their assessment basically says that they don’t actually know.


Clarke Gayford Arrested Drug Charges: Is He On Home Detention? Ankle Bracelet

Has Clarke Gayford been arrested on drug charges? Find out in the article below.

Clarke Gayford is a radio and television broadcaster. He is currently serving as the presenter of ‘Fish of the Day.’ Likewise, he has had the experience of working in George FM and More FM.

Gayford is also well recognized as the fiancé of Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand. The couple was all set to get married. However, their wedding plans have been canceled due to the rise of Omicron cases.

Following the arrest rumors, fans are curious about Clarke Gayford’s whereabouts. Let us learn about him in detail.

Is Clarke Gayford Arrested On Drug Charges?

Rumors about Clarke Gayford being arrested for drug charges have spread on the internet like wildfire. However, no official sources have confirmed the allegations. It might just be speculations made by the public.

As a matter of fact, Gayford’s alleged arrest has been a topic of discussion amongst Twitter users. While some believe the accusations to be true, many have supported Gayford and want the rumors to stop.

Since the authorities have not confirmed the rumors, whether Clarke Gayford has recently been arrested for Drug Charges or not is unknown.

Gayford, on the other hand, is not a stranger to untrue allegations. He was formerly subjected to vicious rumors on both social media platforms and blogs. In fact, the New Zealand police department had to issue a statement to address the matter publicly.

The police commissioner stated, “While in general we do not respond to enquiries which seek to confirm if individuals are under police investigation, on this occasion we can say that Mr. Gayford is not and has not been the subject of any police inquiry, nor has he been charged in relation to any matter.”

Is Clarke Gayford On Home Detention?

Whether Clarke Gayford is currently on home detention or not is unknown. The media personality being absent from his social media handles has fueled the allegations against him.

Is Clarke Gayford Wearing Ankle Bracelet?

Since the rumors about Clarke Gayford’s alleged arrest have made rounds on the internet, the public believes that he is currently on home detention and is wearing an ankle bracelet. However, it has not been verified.

Gayford’s Instagram posts have been filled with questions regarding recent accusations. In fact, @louis_vuitton_tom has asked, “You wearing some ankle bling my man?”

One should be very suspicious of Gayford’s absence from Social Media.

One factor to consider is that his partner, Jacinda Ardern, is well known as a “control freak” who keeps her ministerial cabinet on a tight leash. Since Gayford has made a fool of himself repeatedly it could simply be that Mistress has mandated her submissive and has him on the leash and gagged.

See here and follow links within regarding Gayford’s antics: Gayford The Arrogant Strikes Again » Uncensored Publications Limited

The BFD | Total Control

We’ll keep an eye and ear open for any further clues.

Meanwhile there is an FOI request extant awaiting a response:

Dear New Zealand Police,

In May 2018 the then Commissioner of Police issued a public media statement saying that “Mr Gayford is not and has not been the subject of any police inquiry, nor has he been charged in relation to any matter.”

Currently there are significant number of rumours, supposedly supported by eye witness accounts of a range of reputable people, that Mr Gayford is either on electronic monitoring or in prison. The rumours often allude to this being related to drug or sexual offences.

Does NZ Police hold any information that means they could not, at the current time, issue a further statement confirming that “Mr Gayford is not and has not been the subject of any police inquiry, nor has he been charged in relation to any matter”?


Yours faithfully,

Thanks to the team at for the images. Martin

Clarke Gayford
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33 thoughts on “Clarke Gayford Home Detention Rumours: Where is he?

  1. What a pack of disgusting,feral, ignorant, lying trolls making up stories on this blog site. You should be ashamed of yourself for encouraging them. Cretin.!

    1. Hello Kathy
      Yours is the only one of a barrage of foul-mouthed comments I’ve received today from a team of trollers that I will publish. Yours was the least abusive. It doesn’t really meet our terms and conditions but I’ll make one exception in order to make a point.
      We do not “make up stories”, we address rumours and claims and investigate them. Read the title of this article Kathy: It asks a question about rumours. Readers may comment with their own opinions and as long as those opinions aren’t abusive or consist of personal attacks on an author, I will publish those opinions and respond with respect regardless of whether I agree or not.
      I hope we are clear on this?
      As a closing remark I would suggest this co-ordinated trolling effort suggests there is something to hide.

    2. I just happened to land here, as I was searching for something. Ghee what an exchange of conversations….looks like TFRC Facebook site…..Why do people place (abusive) comments on this site ( and/or TFRC ) about author’s/commentator’s posts and blah on forever. Either you are MSM & 6 o’clock news believers: so stay put over there or learn to wake up or simply leave our exchange of thoughts & knowledge to ourselves.

      1. “Kathy” was one of a whole bunch of organised trolls that posted comments that day Marion. Not one of those comments were publishable, but I made an exception of that one in order to make a point. Note how these Ardern fans are so full of love and inclusivity and compassion. Ahem…

  2. what an absolute load of horse poo this page is. So embarrassing for all of you to be so obsessed with him.

    1. Thanks for your opinion Craig, however, when rumours circulate they should be addressed and questions asked, don’t you think?

  3. well its not “evidence” as such but i was sitting with a corrections manager as they called and made a database check on this person, and were told that this person was indeed on Home Detention awaiting court hearing… that was mid February 2022.

    1. Go to a mainstream journalist with your “story”. I asked someone and they Clarke wasn’t on any list. Well I think I asked someone or maybe I imagined I did.

  4. SO how do we get her to stand down with such a terrible partner surely to goodness she cant stay on.
    Usually couples have the same Values or in this case NO values at all..
    I’m of the opinion that if this was actually public news then the numptees who Love our esteemed leader might have second thoughts cause as it stands I understand that lots of woman between 30 and 50 still love her and she will get in again.

  5. His appearance lacking.
    We all know, it’s just another lie of many. If terms of importance. It is low. It isn’t life threatening. Is the money offered to mainstream media,also include the suppression of the gayford drug dealing saga.
    Has jabcinta used public money to cover up.
    Of course, but regarding gayford. Again of course.

    1. MSM receive plenty of government funding. The BFD (who I contribute an occasional article to), keep a regular account of the thousands being dished out to keep the MSM on the Narrative train. And of course by coincidence Jess’s partner is part of Cindy’s security detail and Tova is Cindy’s ex flatmate. Pure coincidence of course.

      1. You are forgetting to factor in the Stephen Corbett call to all his pedo mates to come to N.Z quickly. That was one week before Wuhan costing the Taxpayer 80K & the subsequent engagement present, aka blue bow on white box, opposite to the blue box with white bow, Michael Obama was so reluctant to take from Melania as it signalled JFKjnr & Q were on their tails. Just as per the poor bugger who had to plough in 40K worth of Tulips at the first sign of the virus as a sign all the flowers of the field were about to be sacrificed(if you don’t remember the story, I have it on video) & also the 33ft high Asian girl wearing infectious yellow cardigan broad broadcasting the ‘new face of Invercargill’ from the 33rd Masonic centre exactly one year before it was to become N.Z’s first outbreak ‘epicentre’. And as for the Christchurch sagas. just don’t get me started! Jacinda is in deeper than Pike River, which
        incidentally on the news again & whenever they wish to get some cover.

        1. Yes I recall the tulips being ditched, just not sure how it connects to Clarke Gayford?
          Yep Pike River is back in the news.

        2. Yep
          Freemasons about to all go down
          Wonder what Counterspinmedia
          Is up too!

  6. I mean surely if he was innocent he should just make an appearance on the balcony and be done with all the rumours. Oh but he better flash both ankles while he’s at it..

    1. Gayford…innocent. Somehow those two words do not sit comfortably together.

    2. Yep was gonna say the same thing. I’d be coming out swinging if my reputation was being dragged through the mud with such rumours flying about. But no not this guy. He gets the police and his partners PM office to release media presses out. Either he’s done the dirty or has no balls or both!

      1. Oh, I think he’s got balls alright. Jacinda has a vice-like grip on them 🙂

    3. Lucy. If he was innocent there would be more conversations about it. He simply said “No comment” advised by his layer (s) presumably. The covid drama has been her greatest smokescreen which explains why NZ is so far behind the rest of the world.(with mandates) Red light, green light, what next Cindy? You should step down over your partners criminal records.

  7. Gayford is a disgrace to the position of ”first lady”. He is out of his depth as is his partner in crime. If these rumours are true then the full force of the law should be placed upon him. His primary place of residence should also be raided and searched thoroughly.
    Just like the rest of the western world illiegal drugs are a huge issue. Any drug dealers should face the death penalty

    1. I’m not a fan of death penalties myself Robert, but I agree with you on every other point.

    2. The prime minister supporting the behaviour of your filthy drug using fiancé should suffer the same fate !!!

      1. Guilty by association.
        She should resign before news of his misdemeanours gets out.
        We have a criminal running our country.

        1. A criminal, a liar and a hypocrite. Oh, wait, isn’t that the job description for a politician? 😉

    1. Thanks for the heads-up.
      The fact that they removed the FOI makes one even more suspicious. There must be something to hide I’m thinking.

        1. Its definitely not his 1st time.
          The police commissioner flatly lied. .he for done at rhythms and vines 2017 from memory.
          My mates were there and he got busted. Cried like a baby for name suppression amd gave everyone up.

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