Time magazine has named US President-elect Donald Trump its Person of the Year. “It’s a great honour. It means a lot,” Trump said in a telephone interview on NBC’s Today show. Time editor Nancy Gibbs said on the programme that Democrat Hillary Clinton was the No 2 finalist. Gibbs said the choice […]

FAKE News = MSM Reporting Outright Censorship and Tyrannical Shutdowns Are the Primary Mainstream Media Strategies Being Implemented to Terminate the Alt-Media State of the Nation Make no mistake about it, since the election of Donald Trump, the Mainstream Media (MSM) has gone ballistic. In fact the MSM has taken […]

Shock announcement: New Zealand Prime Minister John Key resigns 12:50 PM Monday Dec 5, 2016 Email Isaac  Isaac Davison is a NZ Herald political reporter. 12:50 PM Monday Dec 5, 2016 John Key is resigning as Prime Minister of New Zealand. Key made the announcement at his weekly press conference […]

From Jeffrey ‘Goober’ Wefferson, via Rose at theCONtrail.com: Here’s the audio from Jeff’s blog: https://thecontrail.com/forum/topics/on-the-brink-radio-179-kaikoura-quake-as-advert-for-geo-physical- The odds are a trillion to one that the recent…and on-going…Kaikoura quakes on New Zealand’s south island…were not natural, but the result of scientifically premeditated geo-physical warfare, the main-stay of the global war-machine (or should I […]

CHILDREN OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER HAVE ARRIVED Waking Times If you ask the average American how they feel about the times in which we live chances are they sensing something is wrong. Depending on who you ask, of course, you’ll get different reasons but most people are probably aware […]

CIA MKULTRA: drugs to ruin the nation by Jon Rappoport November 29, 2016 (To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed, click here.) Drugs to transform individuals…and even, by implication, society. Drug research going far beyond the usual brief descriptions of MKULTRA. The intention is there, in the record: A […]

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