The French military intervention into Mali on Friday — France’s second in as many years into a former African colony — was reportedly “seconded” by the United States. . This ought to come as no great surprise, given the Pentagon’s deepening penetration into Africa. According to the U.S. Africa Command […]


Up to sixty commandos of the UK’s elite Special Air Service (SAS) have invaded Somalia. In violation of the UN Charter, Britain’s Attorney General, Dominic Grieve, authorised the commandos to invade the country with the professed aims of quelling the al-Shabaab militia,1 which is battling the UK-created and installed Transitional […]


Libya gives Washington another beachhead for greater African adventurism. Sham elections installed him. The process was farcical. Illusion substituted for reality. Obama called his ascension “another milestone in the country’s transition to democracy.” EU leaders hailed “Libya’s first free elections.” They called them the “dawn of a new era.” Scoundrel […]


UGANDA OIL: US Africa Command, A Tool To Recolonize The African Continent The USA Africa Command, which America calls ‘Africom’, is a military structure of the Defence Department of America. Africom was formed in 2007 during President George W Bush’s second term of office. That was two months after America […]

It’s backers and bank-rollers have been exposed. . Even the Prime Minister of Uganda, Amama Mbabzi, has said Joseph Kony isn’t in Uganda and called KONY 2012 disingenuous. But that doesn’t mean it’s over. The psychological operations, designed to exploit people’s tendencies toward guilt and cause them to beg / […]


Reuters reported, “Tunisia “to withdraw recognition” of Syria government,”and specifically that newly appointed Tunisian president Moncef Marzouki made the announcement on his Facebook page. Reuters also notes “Tunisia’s decision to sever ties with Damascus carries moral weight because the north African country’s revolution last year started off the “Arab Spring” […]