Disclosed TruthTV Published on Sep 5, 2018 Subscribe 247K Is one of the worlds greatest secrets about to be uncovered? There is a huge magnetic anomaly in Antarctica, on the east coast of lake Vostok’s shoreline. This is what you would see if you found the ruins of an ancient, […]

What are all these sensational Martian revelations all about? I remember that Martian meteorite a few years ago. The one with the “microfossils” embedded in it. It was found in Antarctica, and regardless of what the truth about this controversial rock may have been, I personally thought it seemed like […]

The latest theory concerning the missing Malaysian Airlines flight. While it is essentially speculative, the Freescale Semiconductor element of the mystery adds considerable plausibility. Note however that the news sources are MSM “tabloid” news outlets. Use discernment! Norman Davies says technology designed to stop a repeat of the 9/11 terror […]

Staff writers, AFP THE loss of a huge ice sheet from Antarctica prompted disaster in The Day After Tomorrow. But scientists say the continent’s new trillion-tonne iceberg will not have such an immediate effect. A TRILLION-ton iceberg which has broken free from Antarctica will do nothing to raise the world’s […]

Published on May 16, 2017 May 16, 2017: Unusual ‘energy waves’ are appearing on seismograms simultaneously at the North & South Poles. These patterns resemble nothing of the norm as defined at IRIS.edu. Another strange signal was detected on MIMIC just prior to these showing up. The MIMIC signal spanned […]

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