Ardern said, “the world is watching New Zealand” and she was right, but for the wrong reasons! Martin Harris 6/11/22 Not so sure about Morris’s claim “the WEF is winning” as New Zealanders have made their feeling felt and our government has lost its support in a huge way. The […]

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Great Reset has been sold to the public as an opportunity to build a sustainable, carbon neutral future. The ubiquitous sound bite of build back better, or “build back greener,” as UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently rephrased it, suggests that recovery from the economic devastation, following the alleged […]

Joe Biden’s Two-Front Battle Against Covid and Climate ChangeMay Trigger Food Shortages for US Consumers. Robert Bridge — Strategic Culture via February 16, 2021 Pictures and captions added by Lasha Darkmoon by way of commentary Will Americans be controlledby creating food shortages and famine? In the United States, the local farmers, it […]