Like a scenario from a Japanese monster movie come to horrible life. What more fitting way to herald the Radioactive Olympics than a dumping of irradiated water into the Pacific? Attn. Socialists: You want an environmental emergency to wring your hands over? A real one rather than some concocted “climate […]

Yes, Jeff is back, and with a vengeance. One of the most important and informative articles yet:   “In recent years military strategists have shifted from nuclear to technetronic* weapons, a leap as great as that from gunpowder to atom bombs. The creation and accumulation, the ‘stock-piling’ and dispersal of […]

The Magnitude quoted is all over the place: 5.9; 5.3; 6.1…. ….That’s quite a range of options! Here’s some info from around the ‘net: Magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits Osaka; no tsunami warning issued ARIRANG NEWS Published on Jun 17, 2018 Kiwi caught in Japan earthquake describes ‘carnage’ A road in […]