Traitors Within the NZ Parliament? Parliamentarians for Global Action (formally known as Parliamentarians for World Governance), a covert group operating in the NZ House of Parliament. By Lorraine Smith, 8th of April 2009. I have been reading a book written by Denis McKenna called The Sellout of New Zealand, which […]


April 02, 2009 “Information Clearing House” — These are extraordinary times. With the United States and Britain on the verge of bankruptcy and committing to an endless colonial war, pressure is building for their crimes to be prosecuted at a tribunal similar to that which tried the Nazis at Nuremberg. […]

Project Camelot : In Conversation with David Icke in Sedona, Arizona  in February 2009. Link to the YouTube of the 2 hour, 8 minutes interview here: Project Camelot Interviews David Icke Hear him talk about his personal journey and the process of waking up to the false reality that has […]

The Washington Post By Garance Franke-Ruta Is Al Watan the new Quad City Times? During the presidential primary campaign, Barack Obama mastered the art of reaching out to important small media outlets in order to achieve political aims, meeting with editorial boards throughout Iowa, chatting amiably with reporters from outlets […]


The Conficker worm is scheduled to activate on April 1, and the unanswered question is: Will it prove to be the world’s biggest April Fool’s joke or is it the information age equivalent of Herman Kahn’s legendary 1962 treatise about nuclear war, “Thinking About the Unthinkable”? Conficker is a program that is spread […]

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