Corporate implant Senator Richard Pan is back again with new legislation that could undermine the freedoms of Californians by limiting access to Alternative News sources. Please take a moment (literally) to voice your support for 1325 and your opposition to SB1424. The letter has been written for you… Your local […]

24 April, 2018 Hon Sir Michael Cullen, Chairman, The Tax Working Group Secretariat PO Box 3724 Wellington 6140 New Zealand Dear Hon Sir Michael Cullen, cc. All members of The Tax Working Group. ALL MP’s. Re: JOHN PHILLIPS’ SUBMISSION TO THE TAX WORKING GROUP: WHY THE FOREIGN BANKERS’ RORT […]

I’m sure most Uncensored readers are aware of the much reported dangers of 5G. Now is your chance to take positive action!   Received today from Katherine Smith via the Dear Friends, Please excuse the fact that this is a group email and that I am interrupting your weekend […]

Activist Zane O’ Neill needs your participation!  Petitioning New Zealand House of Representatives Ban Geo-Engineering & Weather Modification in New Zealand Zane O’Neill Rotorua, New Zealand Update: Nearly at 2000 signatures!

Received from Jeff Wefferson, who is currently touring around New Zealand: “Here are the two blog links, one on Rachel Carson and also on Geo-Terrorism Please share far and wide. MANY BLESSINGS AND KEEP UP THE FANTASTIC WORK 🙂 much love and hugs from down under Jeff :)” […]

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