Made famous by UFOlogist John Keel’s novelised first hand encounters and subsequently by Hollywood’s movie interpretation, this interdimensional entity is usually associated with impending disaster. MH Another Chicago Mothman sighting? USPS employee reports seven-foot-tall, red-eyed creature at O’Hare International Airport Tobias & Emily WaylandThe Singular Fortean SocietyTue, 13 Oct 2020 […]

Interesting item that links Von Braun’s Alien Invasion false flag (project Blue Beam) and Paperclip with world events post WW2 (Including biowarfare) and the subtle influence of “The Nine”. Who are “The Nine”? You may not know, but you really should. That’s a subject worthy of an article on it’s […]

Insert standard clause “not saying it’s aliens, but …” DAVE MOSHER, BUSINESS INSIDER 15 JUL 2017 Astronomers say they have detected “strange signals” coming from the direction of a small, dim star located about 11 light-years from Earth. Researchers picked up the mysterious signals on May 12 using the Arecibo […]

The Roswell UFO crash really happened, ‘witness’ claims 03/06/2017 Dan Satherley The army says it was a top-secret weapons-detecting balloon – or was it? Photo credit: Getty The infamous Roswell UFO crash really happened, a Texas cop claims in a newly surfaced interview. Sheriff Jess Slaughter and his deputy, […]

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