In the 1960s Europe was European. Germany was German. France was French. Italy was Italian. The Netherlands were Dutch. Sweden was Swedish. Spain was Spanish. The distinct ethnic nationalities gave Europe a lot of diversity. Paul Craig Roberts — Feb 20, 2023 Today all of these countries are towers […]

“Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more..” will be a line familiar to Monty Python fans. But despite the comedic name, there’s nothing funny about this outfit. MH From Reclaim the Net: “Nudge Unit” recommends banks track carbon footprint of transactions, reward “sustainable behaviors” An influential United Kingdom (UK) based […]

New British PM Liz Truss tries desperately to deflect a direct question about austerity, and gets owned. A golden moment. When you get completely owned… Carl Vernon179K subscribers Bestselling books and merch: Live events:… Paypal tip: Don’t forget to subscribe. Hit the bell to stay updated on […]

Freedom: No Social Distancing, no masks, no Contact Tracing or QR. If john Lennon were alive he’d have to write a sequel to ‘Imagine’! But what seems “too good to be true”, probably is. Martin Harris 8/7/21 The observant reader will probably have noticed something missing from the UK’s “freedom […]

Note. The following exercise presents a controversial issue as reported by RT. As usual I’ll give a brief personal comment below this. But then I’ll go one step further and show the reader some of the “fact checking” and research that goes on when assessing these articles for publication here […]

How did they pull it off? Gary Sidley explains in detail: Gary SidleyCoronababbleFri, 23 Oct 2020 Introduction The British public’s widespread compliance with the Government’s draconian diktats has arguably been the most remarkable aspect of the coronavirus crisis. The unprecedented restrictions on our basic freedoms – in the form of […]