New York, NY — In a matter of weeks, Americans have watched a police state unfold in front of their eyes. By Matt Agorist The phrase “that could never happen here” has taken a back seat to “omg what will they do next.” Well, next up on the “holy sh*t […]

Hands up: Who saw this coming? MH March 21, 2020 By John Vibes In the months since the CoViD-19 pandemic began, governments around the world have been utilizing a wide range of technological devices to enforce quarantines. Advanced surveillance and tracking have been made possible by cellphone data, CCTV cameras, […]

This is a real concern. These are pretty big drones we’re talking about, and they’ve now been buzzing Gatwick airport for several days, as the following report indicates: Mysterious drones near UK’s Gatwick Airport have shut down runways for almost 24 hours The army has been called in to help […]

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