The Western media saturation coverage of terrible events in Gaza over the past three weeks is driven in large part by the onerous need to divert attention from the scandal and debacle of NATO’s proxy war in Ukraine. Strategic Culture – Oct 27, 2023 The horrendous violence and suffering in […]

Apology is not likely to be forthcoming, however. Nor, like the recent admission by the WHO on Aspartame, will there be admission that we “Conspiracy Theorists” were right. This is about as close as it gets: From Sky News: Information relating to the Wuhan lab and the origin of COVID […]

Interesting how rapidly they made a U-Turn and portray the Ukraine military as heroes, is it not? Here’s Time Magazine, a mere two years ago: Here’s the almighty BBC 8 years back: Aug 9, 2022 CBS aired this documentary about U.S. weapons getting lost in the Ukraine a few days […]

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed into law a controversial statute expanding the government’s power to regulate media groups and journalists in the country. Brad Dress – The Hill, Yahoo News Jan 2, 2023 Zelensky signed the legislation on Thursday over the objections of media unions and press freedom organizations that warned it […]