“Aspartame sweetener a possible carcinogen” says Reuters… Exclusive: WHO’s cancer research agency to say aspartame sweetener a possible carcinogen -sources | Reuters …But we said this way back: This was 14 years ago! There are several more items in our archives, but you get the message! And we were labelled […]

With the WHO seeking all member states to sign up for a legally binding accord that allows them to enforce lockdowns among other destructive and draconian measures, it’s time for a reminder of the nature and background of the man in the WHO hot-seat and where his loyalties lie. As […]

A top Ukrainian security official has said that Kiev had been gearing up for hostilities with Russia since as early as December 2019. The Russian military had earlier reported uncovering classified Ukrainian documents indicating a planned offensive against Donbass rebels. RTThu, 25 Aug 2022 The revelation about Kiev’s military preparation […]