Denials are flooding out from “experts” and weather mod companies alike (its “safe and effective”). Yet both China and Dubai openly boast of using cloud seeding to modify the weather. Naturally the finger is pointed at that catch-all boogeyman, climate change. What do you think? MH © Christopher Pike/Bloomberg via […]

Please send this video to the Department of Defense (DoD). The NOAA weather satellite (goes 16 and 17) are both showing military locations of facilities, troops, and even ships / subs in the ocean! Not good. This video is rated PG13 for slight language. I tried telling everyone in […]

Are you getting the picture yet? This article from Clare Swinney at chemtrailsnorthnz surely must pose some very obvious questions for you. As also must this one (link). The technology clearly exists but is clearly not being used for the reasons you would expect … EWR From Pam Vernon, original source Clare Swinney […]

Was the Christchurch disaster man-made? Is the Auckland weather disaster man-made? Can we geo-engineer quakes and floods? Bringing back memories of the Christchurch earthquake disaster of 12 years ago, Auckland NZ is now devasted by massive flooding and subsequent infrastructure damage. Christchurch 2011 introduced the phrase “Build Back Better” to […]

Without fanfare, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (US) recently published a weather modification reporting document. See for yourself what is listed therein! Much thanks to Dutchsinse for the heads-up on this find. Dutchsinse reports: “In case you didn’t hear the news, NOAA admitted that electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) can […]

Geoengineering is a wacky conspiracy theory, is it? Shiver in your shoes Earthlings: Emperor Gates wants to send us into a new Ice Age. MH Fox News Apocalypse Neve’ author Michael Shellenberger calls idea ‘terrible’ on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #FoxNews​ #Tucker​ Subscribe to Fox News!​ Watch more Fox News […]