[ … paging Naomi Klein … ] In other words, the U.S. and other “agricultural powers” would provide Haiti food, “freeing up” Haitian farmers to go work in U.S.-owned sweatshops, thereby ushering in “an industrial era,” as if the cinder-block shells of assembly plants represent organic industrialization. Read the rest […]


“CHATTER” FLOWING IN FROM EVERYWHERE “SUITCASE” NUKE SAID TO BE IN PLACE [ In Case Of A New False Flag Crime : Hit the ‘Record’ button on your Video Recorder and post any weirdness online ] Rumors of an upcoming terror attack to be blamed on Iran are moving around […]

The United States is the only country in the world that claims to be superior in every aspect, especially in human rights, and that lie is again exposed, this time by a report from China on the United States, all from US sources. The US is in fact a backward […]

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