Christchurch Earthquake: Remember September Part Two

By Martin Harris

The early hours of September 4, 2011 are still vivid in my memory.

I half woke from sleep, wondering who the hell would be driving a big noisy diesel truck through the suburbs at this ungodly hour?

I dozed off, briefly. The “Big noisy truck” apparently collided with the bed.

My partner Nicky sat bolt upright and we both hung on to the violently shaking bed. “Earthquake!” I yelled, and we each headed for our children’s bedrooms even before the shaking subsided. After dealing with two bleary eyed and bewildered youngsters, I headed for the front door.

Neighbours ran from house to house checking everyone was OK. “The ground is still moving” I mumbled as the wooden porch vibrated beneath my unshod feet. “And listen to the rumbling!”. It was like a constant peal of low thunder. Then I looked up in amazement: the sky was lighting up like camera flashes. Not sheet lightning. but the phenomenon of Earthquake Lights I’d read about, albeit on a spectacular scale.

Little did I know, hordes of astonished witnesses, as noted by Whitehead, (see part One) were seeing extraordinary lights and other phenomena not only in the sky, but in the earth itself:

“I saw the lighting display which riveted my attention immediately. I thought it was an atomic explosion. Then the car lurched to the left with a hell of a bang, and I thought the front suspension had collapsed. The force was sufficient to have rolled the car over, but I immediately spun the wheel to the right. (The car behind me vanished, quite possibly because his lights were now across the motorway and no longer along it.) If I guess at an appropriate time, and I am watching my clock right now, with my eyes half shut, reliving the experience …5 seconds from the lighting display until the first shock.

I understand that the quake lasted around 30 seconds. The white flash occurred AFTER the ground stopped shaking. So I had, if the official report is correct, 38 seconds of lighting display ending in an incredible white sheet. I have seen arcing. It wasn’t arcing. Wrong colour. The colour was ‘too’ white. If the lighting was somehow linked to the cracks appearing, it would explain why lighting appeared in sheets?

“My wife and I saw these lights too and like you we first thought it was caused by electricity equipment exploding, but the lights were far too bright and lit up the sky exactly like a strong
 thunderstorm. Except there were no clouds and the light seemed to originate from the ground. We live on Dyers Pass and could see flash after flash in the direction of the airport. When we listened to the radio later, a lady recounted her quake experience and also mentioned these bright lights. I guess we can consider ourselves lucky to have witnessed this phenomena and lived to tell the tale.”

Surely, this goes beyond anything natural, almost as if energy fed into the ground had suddenly erupted in a single moment of fury.

What could cause such intense energy release? Could human experimentation of some sort be involved in triggering and exacerbating these seismic events?

This is the question that became an obsession for myself over the past seven years and led to a relentless quest for answers.

In the first part of this blog I showed you how the earthquake activity correlated to certain leyline-like alignments associated with radar and ionospheric research sites.

Now we’re going to delve in deeper…..

Christchurch: A Secret Radar Test Bed.

During World War Two, the locations of Birdlings Flat and Weedons were associated with NZRAF bases.

But what is little known is that these places and others in Christchurch, such as Godley Head, were associated with top secret radar research. After the war, that research continued, but with a different focus.

Birdlings Flat, after being used as a wartime bombing range, became a rocket launch pad for NASA’s Operation Smoke Puff: Early research into the Ionosphere. In addition, an ever changing variety of antennas and arrays were situated there, and still are to this day. As we saw in Part One of this article, Birdlings Flat formed part of a triangle of Ionosondes 30kms apart surrounding Christchurch during the 1970s. The second part of this triangle, at Godley Head, was removed to Campbell island in the 1980s. The third was at Eyrewell, and this remained until 2014, when as we have already seen, it was dismantled and put in storage to be moved to another location.  We have established that two locations; at Weedons-Rolleston and Eyrewell, can be correlated with initial clusters of small tremors prior to the triggering of larger seismic events.

So there is still something missing from the equation. The US Naval communications antenna at Weedons.

The Missing Weedons Antenna: Where Did It Go?

The antennae at Weedons has long been a source of controversy and protest. Situated at the former RNZAF base, and subsequently a vital communications link with Antarctica:


(Anyone requiring more detail and history on the Weedons/Antarctica communications link should look up NDIA report 94-304-ocr.pdf)


But radar research goes much further back than the 80s in the Weedons and Rolleston areas.


Only vestiges remain of these former sites, and as for the Weedons/Antarctica Communications link, it was upgraded and supposedly relocated in 2002:

Take note that Weedons is still mentioned as a potential location. However, on visiting the site, the reference to Weedons is visibly absent!

“Unclassified?” Hmmm……

So I did a little field research.

The location of Weedons/Ross Road has dread reputation. An inordinate number of fires and car accidents occur here on a regular basis, and on the day I drove out there, the smoke from another unexplained fire was burning like a beacon guiding me. I had a hunch that powerful HF radar might affect the brains of motorists and somehow also cause fire prone atmospheric conditions. As I approached the end of Weedons/Ross Rd, the high frequency interference on my car radio steadily increased. By the time I turned towards Range Road and the NZ Defence Force Gunnery Range, the HF interference completely drowned out the AM music channel. Jackpot!

“That HF output must cooking brains and vegetation alike in the surrounding areas”, I thought, “no wonder those army boys wear tin helmets!”. In fact, I had a pounding headache for two hours after just a few minutes here, and I’m an RF hardened Cantabrian!

Of course the Range is well guarded and gated for obvious reasons, so I headed for home and back to Google Earth to confirm that a large communications antenna is indeed sited within the Gunnery range.


And it falls in line with our “antenna ley line” from Part one of this article.

So, having found all our missing antennas, it’s time to go back to where it all started.

The VonBiel Thesis

In 1967, HA vonBiel of the Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory, Buffalo, New York, arrived in New Zealand to perform an experiment from which, in 1970, he would prepare a PhD thesis:


The first point of note is that vonBiel travelled halfway around the world to find a suitable location for this experiment, which shows that even at this early stage, Christchurch NZ was a “hub” of ionospheric research.

VonBiel was interested in in the D region of the ionosphere, 70 to 90kms high, particularly with respect to radar reflection and backscatter, and dispelling assumptions made about the angular spectrum being randomly phased, and finding that the electromagnetic fields between two antenna are strongly influenced by the angular correlation with the spectrum of plane waves. This is all important stuff with regards to the pioneering field of Over The Horizon Radar.

For our purposes, things get very interesting when we understand that the experimental antennas are expected to “Illuminate the D region” and there is expected to be considerable backscatter at the reception point:


And this becomes especially interesting when we read the locations of the sending/receiving apparatus:

Here, then, is the prototype of the Eyrewell/Birdlings Flat link that confirmed my hunch of drawing lines between ionospheric anomalies on a TEC chart. This is where it began. 

Let’s get straight to vonBiel’s closing comments:

Wow. “Of an immense magnitude…” purely theoretical of course! And while vonBiel was happy to continue his experimentation (and he did so as evidenced by his work at the Antarctic) he was not “brave enough” to compete with anyone attempting the second phase of the Birdlings Flat/Rolleston experiment “of an immense magnitude”. Sounds like he was talking about more than just daunting theoretical calculations! Indeed, the choice of wording is somewhat ironic considering the “immense magnitude” of the seismic disturbances that ultimately followed.

Remember the eyewitness account of September 4 2010: A bright flash that shot from South to North across the sky (“illuminating the D layer”), after which the quake intensified. South to North…Birdlings Flat to Eyrewell.

Clearly vonBiel’s experiments, years before HAARP, were continued, expanded and refined, with terrifying results.

This science abstract gives one some idea of the state of the art by 2008

Let’s move forwards from 1968 into the 1970s and return to the triangular arrangement of Ionosondes surrounding Christchurch. Here we begin to see mention in ionospheric research literature of Internal Gravity Waves, the familiar rib like cloud formations which are such a familiar sight over Christchurch.

(The Godley ionosonde was a fixture since the fifties, and was recording phenomena associated with atmospheric nuclear testing in 1962 and 1968 )

This ionosonde chain was operational until 1982

Of special relevance to the early 70s phase is the secretive Project Longbank:

1) “Project Longbank” at Woodbourne Despite a party of journalists and students being shown through this installation in January 1971 there has never been any official explanation of just what function was served by Longbank, apart from the frequently repeated, almost meaningless statement that “aerospace disturbances” were being monitored.
In 1970 you stated (NZPA 11 Feb. 1970) that “when Labour became the Government it would satisfy itself on the justification for the (Longbank) detachment. If security required secrecy a Labour Government would observe this . . .”
Project Longbank will be terminated by May 1973. We would like to see the Labour Government find out from the USAF before that date exactly what Longbank is doing and why secrecy is necessary. Our own investigations conclude that secrecy was necessary not merely to safeguard technology but because the U.S. was spying on French and Chinese nuclear tests and utilising these tests to discover the effects of nuclear explosions on radar and radio propagation — a field of weaponry improvement the U.S. is otherwise prevented from experimenting in by the Partial Test Ban Treaty.
The N.Z.—U.S. agreement covering Longbank gives New Zealand the right to data from this installation, but no data has ever been made available as far as we can find out. We think that the DSIR Physics and Engineering Laboratory should have access to the accumulated Longbank data, particularly in the field of very low frequency radio propagation, a field in which the Laboratory has internationally acknowledged competence.

Note that the emphasis is bold for two reasons: The suggestion that the Department of Scientific And Industrial Research should get involved, and that VLF (not HF) propogation is the field of interest and expertise, thus putting us into “earthquake triggering” frequencies. And yet again we have NZ secretly monitoring atmospheric phenomena connected with Nuclear Testing,

However, it is the mid to late 1970s I intend to focus on with regards these Ionosondes. At the time, the DSIR was investigating the “coupling” effect between the stratosphere and the ionosphere.

(Chemtrail researchers take note!)

Eventually, the “coupling effect” would be proven to go not only between the Ionosphere and Stratosphere, but through the Mesosphere and into the crust. More on that later in part Three. But at the time these DSIR ionosonde chain experiments were taking place, the East Coast of New Zealand’s South Island was about to become the focus of the worlds attention thanks to a spectacular UFO incident.

The Kaikoura UFOs

For weeks on end during late 1978, residents of Christchurch and Kaikoura had been seeing a variety of Nocturnal Light UFOs, and more significantly, the regular “mail flights” between Christchurch and Wellington had been experiencing close encounters backed up by Radar confirmation! This was at a time when the Mainstream Media were hungry for any whiff of UFO related material, thanks to the box office success of Spielberg’s Close Encounters Of The Third Kind movie. The air freighter encounters over NZ were highly reminiscent of the opening scenes of the movie set in an airport radar room as pilots experience a close fly by of a glowing object, and an Australian TV crew pounced at the chance to take a camera on board an Argosy freighter during the night time Mail run. They were stunningly successful, obtaining images of a variety of anomalous lights on both legs of the journey, backed up by Radar, and footage a translucent, glowing object that seemed to play cat and mouse with the freighter was picked up by TV channels around the world.

What were the witnesses seeing? One of the primary witnesses, Captain John Randle, brushed aside the usual “Alien Spaceship” speculations, and instead casually suggested something that probably went over the heads of most folk: It could all be explained by Radar Holography and Interferometry  experiments. I’ve never been able establish exactly what Randle knew or suspected, but it was a remarkable comment.

He was confident enough to  claim that “Every ‘But Why?’ was answered by this hypothesis and less proof has been used to hang people” (Lets Hope They’re Friendly, Quentin Fogarty)

RNZAF aircraft that were subsequently sent to investigate the continuing Radar anomalies encountered no visible objects, but strange localised pockets of turbulence that correlated with the returns.

Naturally, the DSIR in conjunction with Civil Aviation, were called in to make a pronouncement and allay public concerns. These sightings were apparently distortions and refractions caused by “unusual atmospheric conditions” over the Christchurch and Kaikoura regions at the time. The radar signals were “spurious returns” resulting from aforementioned atmospheric conditions. What “Unusual atmospheric conditions” were the DSIR talking about? I searched for any mention of this the online literature. Surely meteorologists would have been falling over each other to study such prolonged and oddball weather?

So were the DSIR lying to cover up something? Actually I think they  being honest. The DSIR were quick to offer this explanation because it was their own ionospheric modification experiments that were causing the “unusual atmospheric conditions”!

The official government pronouncement on the matter was very carefully worded:

“(the Ministry) ..categorically discounts any suggestion that any air activity has taken place which poses any threat to New Zealand’s security….”


Anyone interested in a more detailed analysis of the Kaikoura UFO case and my theories on the causes and origins of the phenomena witnessed can read my full article on the subject here.

what is very clear though, is that whatever atmospheric effects (including balls of ionised plasma) these experiments generated, they were considered a success. The upgraded Godley Ionosonde was dismantled and shipped out to it’s new home at Campbell island, and following the disestablishment of the DSIR, the Birdlings Flat and Eyrewell operations became the property of Canterbury University.

In 1983, shortly after acquiring these sites and equipment, something remarkably familiar to HAARP researchers was erected at Birdlngs Flat. The next phase was about to commence.

A clue to what significance the UFOs had in all this lies in the AMOR meteor tracking Radar and a comment made by one astronomer that the Kaikoura phenomena were the plasmas from burned up meteorites. Read my article “Metaluna Musings and saucer Speculations” and the penny will drop: Plasmas, Ionization, backscatter and OTHR radar reflection.

In Part Three we continue to move forward in time and reach our conclusions about the Christchurch earthquake agenda.

Thanks for reading!

Looking for Part One?




Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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  1. Author/Researcher Elana Freeland passed this on to me:
    Darrell McGrath
    12:55pm Mar 10
    Good job Martin Harris on the article. At the time i was living on East Coast of Australia and could not believe the news, the devastation that Christchurch had been “hammered”, absolutely hammered. I watched every dam video, read any article on the quake that rocked Christchurch and i have no doubt in my mind what so ever, this was a MAN-MADE QUAKE!!! Anyway i could rattle on about this, but on my return back to my hometown, only 90mins away from Christchurch, the big thing on my hit list was to get to Christchurch and take a look for myself. You can read books, look at videos etc etc but shit, to stand there, to drive the streets it was very numbing. When at the Cathedral, centre of town, i could not believe what the hell i seen there. See it in the video. Even though i had a huge gut feeling this was MAN-MADE, this bloody thing just cemented that thought once and for all. The Steve Jackson Illuminati cards, i have followed for a long time and there it was, “The Earthquake Projector” card.. has shown its face in my homeland. Yes they are only cards BUT take a look through other disasters, they can be matched up, to disasters on our lands. Good example, which everyone knows, The Twin Towers.

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