Christchurch Earthquake: Remember September Part Three

By Martin Harris

The Great Unmapped

When my family and I emigrated to New Zealand in 1982, my Great Uncle Les, a proud Kiwi and walking repository of local knowledge, acted as  our self appointed guide to our new home. He was a tall man, reminiscent of Tolkein’s Treebeard. Despite being a humble painter/decorator by trade, he had undertaken a number of government contracts during his career, including the painting of several transmission towers, notably the iconic Sugarloaf analog transmitter. This brought him into contact with some knowledgeable sources.

One day, while talking a stroll through Cathedral Square, Uncle Les mentioned how, back in the late 1800s, the Cathedral had been damaged by an earthquake. Will it happen again? inquired then fifteen year old Martin. “Well, I saw a map about ten years back the DSIR made,” he boomed, “And there are faults right under our feet here” he swept his lengthy arm in the direction of Colombo street. “And believe you me,” he emphasised every word slowly, “One day soon, all of this will come crashing down”.

Soon? When? He bent down to my ear, his voice quietening and his eyes gazing afar as if discerning the future. “Not in my lifetime maybe Martin, but in yours….?”

I have never publicly shared this story before, but in light of the following corroborating story, now would seem to be the right time:

I joined the DSIR geophysics division in 1973 and spent my first week asking other scientists what they were working on. One showed me a series of beautifully made coloured contour maps of Christchurch and the surrounding area. He told me they were earthquake probability maps that indicated which areas were safer than others. I was very impressed and said so. Then he told me that unfortunately these maps had been recalled by the Government Printer, and he had been gathering up all the maps that morning so he could distribute the new version. I asked what the difference was, and was invited to compare them. I did so, and commented the first maps showed variable earthquake risk over the whole area, but the new ones showed the risk as all stopping at the edges of the built-up areas. He said, “Yes.”

We were both disgusted. I offered to take one of the maps as evidence, but he said the maps were all numbered and we could not do so. My new friend did not know the reason for the change, but thought it was perhaps to protect property values.
Stephen R Hicks

SOURCE (With thanks to “Jihadi John”  )

And yet, here we have NZ geologist Mark Quigley, mere days after the devastating Feb22 quake:

Resurrection: Christchurch Moving On

So was Quigley ignorant or lying? You decide.

Was the February Earthquake predictable? Even the most conservative answer is “YES”:

Gateway To Atlantis

So here we are in 2018. My city is gone, and Uncle Les, God Rest His Soul, was right. Half of the street I live on is now reverted to native swamp, and the affluent suburb recently built adjacently suffered the worst. When this suburb was built, it received a strange name: Atlantis. As is almost mandatory to an affluent housing project, there was a golf course: Lost City Golf. And the local swimming facility got an extravagant “Atlantean” makeover with suitable architectural adornments. Along with all this came a PR release from Christchurch City Council, which made the rather bizarre claim that “some researchers” equated New Zealand with the site of Atlantis! As a keen student of ancient mysteries, this was news to me.

Now, however, I understand there is an agenda at work and someone was setting the scene.chr

Ironically, legend/history repeated, and Atlantis was destroyed in a single day, it’s houses and “temples” swallowed by flood, mud, and rents in the Earth.

Now, “Atlantis” is rising again in the form of 2030 Agenda‘s “Resilient City #33”, or in US Military circles it is simply called “Gateway“. Gateway to what? Antarctica; another location associated with Atlantis. And as if to reinforce the theme, our rebuild involves pyramids, bronze bulls, and Saturnian “temples”. Note the bridge overpass newly installed at the airport (and US Antarctic Operations base). The bridge is named “Gateway” and designed by the same architects responsible for the Saturnian/Egyptian themed architecture of the casino pictured opposite.

But is there any truth to all this Lost Continent association, and why even bother emphasising it?

Here’s where our third “blob” on the TEC Anomaly chart comes into the picture at last.

The Gilbert Seamount: Oil and Gold

The Gilbert Seamount is of vital importance to defining the Westernmost limits of a former, now sunken landmass called Zealandia. NIWAs research vessel MV Tangaroa, the same ship that was surveying around the Pegasus Basin as mentioned in part one of this article, recently explored this seamount, ostensibly to  evaluate it’s “environmental sensitivity”. To my suspicious mind, that means only one thing: Clearing the way for potential oil, gas, and mineral exploration.

Turns out my instincts were correct.

In order to claim this potential undersea wealth for NZ, in a nutshell, means extending the limits of the continental landmass beyond the usual 200 mile limits. Get the picture? Suddenly New Zealand is the tip of a submerged continent with parameters that need to be mapped and defined. Once, long ago, there must have been forests and fauna here. That means, in Anadarko’s words, “Literally leaking gas and oil!”.

It’s all set out quite clearly in this document from our old friends, GNS.

“The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) came into force in November 1994. Article 76 of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS, 1983) describes conditions that allow maritime states to extend their legal continental shelf beyond their 200 nautical mile (M) Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). Essentially these conditions require the maritime state to demonstrate prolongation of the land territory, and Article 76 outlines several ways in which this can be done….

Extension of the continental shelf gives the Coastal State responsibility for management of the natural resources on and beneath the seafloor within this region, including control over the exploration, exploitation, and conservation of resources…

Submarine plateaus surrounding New Zealand are demonstrably geologically related to the land territory, the difference in elevation primarily reflecting distance from the present plate boundary…

Connection of the seamount to the New Zealand landmass relies on establishing a morphological connection using trackline or swath bathymetry data, or establishing a geological connection using seismic, magnetic and gravity data

Little is known about the resource potential of New Zealand’s EEZ beyond the area of historic petroleum exploration activity, and almost nothing about the area beyond the EEZ that may be included in the continental shelf. Non-living resources that could occur in these regions include hydrocarbons (oil, gas, and gas hydrates), authigenic deposits such as manganese and phosphorite, and hydrothermal mineral deposits containing precious metals...”

Rather explains why we in New Zealand have recently heard so much hoopla in the mainstream media about Zealandia lately, yes?

I wonder if GNS have made any connection between the anomaly points on their TEC chart and the survey areas defining the limits of Zealandia?

Ever since the invention of Radar, New Zealand has been used as a quiet, remote corner of the British Commonwealth suitable for (ironically) “off the Radar” testing of cutting edge technologies, the citizens of Christchurch in particular, being largely unaware of their precarious situation. NZ quickly gained a reputation as an idyllic Land Of Milk And Honey. Or more accurately, a Land of Oil And Gold.

The Elite, with their claims of superior bloodlines and godlike Atlantean heritage, would naturally flock to New Zealand and it’s submerged landmass Zealandia, both for it’s mineral wealth and it’s “gateway” connection to Antarctica, one of the frontrunners to the claim for the “real” Atlantis.

These Elites and their corporations flock here to build their bolt holes and stay close to their perceived lost homeland. They map it’s extents and borders with a greedy eye, not caring if they ruin it’s beauty and kill the unique flora and fauna in their quest to extract the gas and mineral “assets” that is the source of their wealth and power. They care not if their greed triggers earthquakes and other natural disasters, unless to profit from the results and note the potential “Geoterrorism” and geo engineering applications.

The NIWA/HAARP Connection

Transmitting radio waves around the planet usually takes a series of “hops”, whether via satellite transmissions or OTHR methods of ionospheric “mirrors” generated by localised heating. But imagine if the power of HAARP, the Big daddy of ionospheric heater/OTHR arrays, could be transmitted to the opposite side of the Earth in a single hop?

Shudder in your shoes Earthlings: It can be done and has been done, with assistance from NZ’s NIWA and their busy little research ship, the MV Tangaroa!

“Abstract – This paper discusses research conducted by The Very Low Frequency (VLF) Group at Stanford University introducing them and a project called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP). This project utilizes the latest oceanographic and oceanengineering technologies for exciting applications to space physics and radio science research. Sponsors consist of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), the Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). The program’s facility is a high power transmitter located in Alaska, capable of broadcasting powerful VLF radio waves into the Earth’s ionosphere. These waves propagate along the Earth’s magnetic field lines to the system’s geomagnetic conjugate point situated nominally 600 miles south of New Zealand in the southern Pacific Ocean. By studying the radio signals at this point, the VLF Group seeks to discover how energetic particles in the planet’s radiation belts interact with very low frequency electromagnetic waves. This ambitious challenge of operating an autonomous, stationary, floating observation platform is known as the HAARP One-Hop Experiment – South Pacific Buoy.

Yes, HAARP has the power to reach across the globe!

The greatest power, though, is knowledge. So I share mine with you the reader, so that you see a clearer picture of the agenda behind these earthquakes and what is happening here in Christchurch, because then at least something good has come out of the seven years of upheaval, stress, grief and shock that my family and community have been subjected to.

I still recall tucking my 2YO daughter into bed and her asking me “Will the house wobble tonight daddy?”, and my eldest son, (four YO at that time) watching the unfolding events at Fukushima on TV while seismic rumblings are felt beneath our feet. asking me If the world will end soon. These things change a person profoundly.

One could say that the Greendale earthquake shook me awake in more ways than one, and I now have a mission to expose the 2030 Agenda and the New World Order at every opportunity. it is one thing to read about such things on the internet, quite another to actually watch it taking place in your own backyard.

Not Just New Zealand

And lest the reader thinks all this is isolated to New Zealand, note the disquieting familiarity of research in Japan.

And we all know what happened in Japan immediately after the February Earthquake in Christchurch.

As an interesting footnote, the Citizens of the Fukushima prefecture had forewarning from their ancient ancestors, yet still built a nuclear plant in the disaster zone!

ANEYOSHI, Japan -The stone tablet has stood on this forested hillside since before they were born, but the villagers have faithfully obeyed the stark warning carved on its weathered face: “Do not build your homes below this point!”
Residents say this injunction from their ancestors kept their tiny village of 11 households safely out of reach of the deadly tsunami last month that wiped out hundreds of miles of Japanese coast and rose to record heights near here. The waves stopped just 300 feet below the stone.
“They knew the horrors of tsunamis, so they erected that stone to warn us,” said Tamishige Kimura, 64, the village leader of Aneyoshi.

And there may be worse to come:

AN EARTHQUAKE as devastating the 2011 disaster that killed 18,000 people in Fukushima could strike Japan’s northernmost region within the next 30 years, experts have warned.


Foreknowledge: Forewarned, forearmed. Wether by nature, human misadventure, or deliberate artificial triggering, large scale disasters do not just happen to “someone else”. Be prepared.  get to know your neighbours and if disaster strikes, help them and share your resources. That is how we here in Christchurch got through it.

Was the Christchurch earthquake “man made”?

I do not know the answer to that question, even after 7 years of research. I present this evidence and information so that you may form your own opinions and judgements, and I’m sure you will find this points to a clear agenda that fits the worldwide 2030 Agenda picture, and strong indications of foreknowledge and a conspiracy to deceive the public with intent to profit.

Martin Harris

I have a lovely partner and 3 very active youngsters. We live in the earthquake ravaged Eastern Suburbs of Christchurch, New Zealand. I began commenting/posting on Uncensored back in early 2012 looking for discussion and answers on the cause and agendas relating to our quakes. I have always maintained an interest in ancient mysteries, UFOs, hidden agendas, geoengineering and secret societies and keep a close eye on current world events. Since 2013 I have been an active member of community, being granted admin status and publishing many blogs and discussion threads. At this time I'm now helping out with admin and moderation duties here at Uncensored where my online "life" began.

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