NWO Agenda: US Aid Withdrawal To Palestine, Pakistan

The NWO at work: As America continues it’s inward focus (“Make America Great Again”) financial government aid to the outside world dries up.

Trump is fulfilling his election promise, plain and simple. I don’t recall him saying he would make the world at large “Great Again”, just his own turf! And while we hear very little about the “American Great Wall” Trump promised, a less material but equally real Geopolitical wall is well underway.

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Meanwhile we should watch China’s outward expansion.

The withdrawal of aid to certain Palestinian institutions quite rightly raises the issue of US-Israel relations and bias. One eye on China, the other eye on Israel (and Jared!). Interesting times!

Here’s some links from around the Weird Wild Web:

US confirms end to funding for UN Palestinian refugees

Trump administration to pull support for essential services helping 5 million people

Trump orders US to strip $200 million in aid from Palestinians

U.S. military withdraws $300 million in aid to Pakistan

And only a few months ago…

Pakistan shuns US for Chinese high-tech weapons

China-Pakistan Relations: Challenging US Global Leadership

Xi Pledges US$15 Million in Aid to Palestine

The US withdraws; China advances! A clear picture of the unfolding NWO agenda.

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Martin Harris

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