Brits in Coverup of US Tactical Nuke Use in Iraq

It appears this guy has been watched and targeted by the Brits for some time: Mainly because of his exposure of the use of DU/Nuke weapons in Iraq by coalition forces, which has poisoned the environment for decades to come and resulted in horrific birth defects. The story appeared in the Mainstream News  for a short while but was quickly swept under the carpet (where the Elites wish it to remain!).

Busby would appear to have uncovered more than just DU during his research, however.

Here’s the story from VT:

Furious British nuclear expert, 73, who appears on Russian state TV claims ‘irritating’ police arrested him on suspicion of making a bomb after he criticised the Government over radiation risks
By Gordon Duff, Senior EditorVETERANS TODAY
September 15, 2018

Editor’s note: Busby worked with VT in 2010 investigating effects of the use of classified US nuclear weapons in Iraq. These weapons, which produce enriched uranium, have caused a major increase in birth defects in Iraq. Studies have been suppressed and now Busby has been arrested though later released by police Busby claims began fainting from hysterical fear of imaginary chemical weapons.
Busby’s research results show increases in cancer 20 times that of Chernobyl and twice that of those at Hiroshima.
America nuked Iraq, over and over, not just in 2003 but continued to use 4th and 5th generation tactical nuclear weapons and may well be doing so to this day, Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria.
The initial research was for depleted uranium but highly enriched weapons grade uranium was found.
The smear against Busby, that he had appeared several times over many years on Russia Today is “classically British” and classically cowardly.

  • From the UK Daily Mail
    Dr Chris Busby’s home in the sleepy Devon town of Bideford was raided by police
  • The scientist, 73, was in custody for 19 hours but released with no further action
  • Police attended the address initially over concerns about a woman’s welfareBut officers complained of feeling unwell and were checked by an ambulance
  • He was arrested amid scared it was linked to poisoning of Russian Sergei Skripal


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