NZ Schoolchildren In Hospital After Seeing “Stuff coming out of plane”

Authorities and Media are playing down the significance of the alleged plane in this concerning incident, I will remain alert for further information on this story. It remains unclear if this could be a small “topdressing” aircraft spraying fertilizer or something larger. Perhaps the presence of the alleged aircraft is pure coincidence but this seems unlikely.


Ten sick children assessed in Wairarapa Hospital after ‘rotten eggs’ smell hits Carterton school

21 Sep, 2018 8:03pm

By: Martin Johnston
Senior journalist, NZ Herald

Authorities are hunting for the source of the supposed chemical incident that affected dozens of people in the Wairarapa town of Carterton and put 10 children in hospital.
Residents reported a strong smell-like sulphur today and a school was locked down, with no-one allowed in or out, while the children were assessed and put through a decontamination process.
Carterton’s South End School posted on social media that there was a very strong smell of “ammonia rotten eggs” in the playground at around 1pm.
“… a plane flew in a southward direction and one student had seen ‘stuff’ coming out of the plane – so we assume it was a fertiliser of some sort.”

Several students felt queasy and they were made to wash their faces and drink plenty of water.
The range of symptoms included nausea, vomiting, stomach pain and a slightly raised temperature.
At least five ambulances and eight fire engines went to the school.

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