El-ite Saturnic Rituals: The Faustian Bargain (Links to previous episodes added)

Faustian bargain
Faust, in the legend, traded his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge. To “strike a Faustian bargain” is to be willing to sacrifice anything to satisfy a limitless desire for knowledge or power. Source

by Martin Harris

Watch this four minute Superman clip carefully!

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In the previous instalments on this subject, we explored the theory that Saturn was engineered or modified by an ancient race remembered as the Biblical Elohim/Watchers, and that it may serve as a portal through time and space, and also as a prison for the “Ringleaders” (pun intended) of the Watchers who transgressed their laws to satisfy their lust and self gratification. We established that there are some very odd things about Saturn and I will start off this instalment by adding to the Saturnian mysteries highlighted by scientific exploration.

Remember the image of the serpent swallowing it’s own tail as a symbol of eternity and how this author related it to the concept of a “phantom zone” prison? Watch and listen:

Related imageAside from a sound as close as any to tormented souls in hell, note the appearance and motion of Saturn’s polar aurora. A serpent chasing it’s own tail? This may be highly subjective interpretation on my part, however:

The fact that Saturn has such a powerful magnetosphere is in itself  a genuine scientific mystery. It ought to have hardly any.

“The results so far are showing that the planetary magnetic field at Saturn is very different from the planetary magnetic field generated at other planets,”…Pioneer measured Saturn’s tilt angle to be puzzlingly small, somewhere between zero and one degree. Voyager 1 and 2 confirmed the measurement when they flew by in 1980 and 1981. ..“All the theory to date tells you that, for a planetary dynamo to continue to operate, you need the resultant magnetic field to not be symmetric.” source

saturn-polar-auroraEven after close examination by Cassini, Saturn’s powerful magnetic field remains baffling. Could it be that the magnetosphere is being powered by something artificially engineered operating deep within the swirling atmosphere? 

Observe the following diagrams associated with experimentation on the piezolectrical properties of quartz crystals:

“Various studies from the Russian literature confirm that quartz veins frequently have a strong piezoelectric effect (Parkhomenko 1971).We therefore selected a quartzite that was probably originally a quartz vein near Tongue in the Moine Thrust zone, North Scotland. The sample has been studied previously by Lloyd et al. (1987) and Main-price et al. (1993). A total of 382 Electron Channelling Patterns (ECPs) were recorded using a CamScan S4 scanning electron microscope (SEM)fitted with electron beam rocking coils. The patterns were indexed using both manual and computer-aided techniques.”

Image result for saturn hexagonWhat does this look like?

Could Saturn’s bizarre hexagonal polar vortex and mysterious magnetic field be associated with some kind of crystal?

To add to the mystery, Saturn’s magnetosphere seems directly linked to one of it’s many and equally mysterious moons. Each and every one of Saturn’s moons deserves close scrutiny, but for the purposes of this narrative, it suffices to suggest that the whole Saturn system, rings and all, appear to function like a staggeringly huge device. A time-space portal? An eternal prison? A transmitter? Perhaps all three? There is even a theory that Low Frequency sound is responsible for the Hexagon which ties right back into the piezoelectric crystal connection. (HAARP researchers take note!)

Related image“Standing on the beach and watching the tide roll in is a reminder of Earth’s special relationship with our moon. But Saturn and its moon Enceladus have something more between them. They communicate back and forth, and scientists have overheard the conversation.”

“Enceladus is this little generator going around Saturn.”

Image result for Alien movie ringed planetIt is this connection between Saturn and Enceladus that is creating that horrific sound! I am at this point reminded of the movie Alien. Curiously the moon on which the nasty life form of the title is found orbits a ringed planet and the space crew are sent there to investigate a transmission. A transmission which they mistake for a distress call, but turns out after deciphering to have been a warning: “Stay away from this place, something dangerous is imprisoned here!” The theme and back-story are explored in fascinating detail in the prequel movie Prometheus. Again a moon orbiting a ringed planet features along with explicit Elohim/Annunaki themes and most tellingly, an apparent “error” in the script which appears to a deliberate clue:

Image result for prometheus movie ringed planetScreenwriter Damon Lindelof Tweets All[/url] Quote: Charlize [Theron] has a line in the movie where she says, “I wouldn’t be half a billion miles away from every man on earth if I wanted to get laid.” And Neil deGrasse Tyson [the well-known astrophysicist] came out said “This would put her somewhere in the neighborhood of Jupiter, when they are much, much further out.” I chose not to say anything because the line was intentional. It had been dinged before we even shot it. But we stuck by it for reasons I don’t feel like discussing. source

(“half a billion miles” equals a point just past Jupiter, on the way to Saturn, remembering that the planetary distances are constantly changing in relation to one another therefore this is an average distance).

Even Cameron’s Avatar was set on the moon of a ringed planet (named Pandora). Two of the “ring shepherding” moons of Saturn are named…Prometheus and Pandora! Someone is practically screaming at us to discern the message!Image result for prometheus movie ringed planet

I could cite clues hidden in many other Hollywood productions, such as Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (the aliens transmitting a signal from a point “well within the Plane Of The Ecliptic”). Or Superman The Movie, as depicted at the opening of this blog, where Jor-El father of Kal-El (spot the El references!) is seen sentencing three criminals (standing within a Saturn ring)  to an eternal prison called The Phantom Zone! I’m sure no-one missed the “New Order” references either! The similarities to the fate of the Fallen angels and the comparison of  Zod to Shemyaza/Satan can hardly be ignored! I will address Lord Of The Rings in due course. Stay tuned.

So to return to the question ended the previous blog with. The El-ite bloodlines here on Earth remain subservient to the imprisoned entities in Saturn because they desire power and advantage. What is the other side of this Faustian Bargain: What do the “Sons of Saturn” get in return? What would an earthly imprisoned gang leader want? Drugs? Sexual gratification? A means of escape? So how would one escape from “Maximum Security”?

If you no longer had a physical form, but were denied from ascending to a higher realm, wouldn’t you desire a physical form; to feel again? To revel in sensual and carnal pleasures?

Remember back to the subject of Akhenaten a couple of blog episodes back? He changed his depiction and name to signify that he was “The Living Spirit (embodiment) of The Aten“, with an alternative interpretation “Of use (service) to Aten“. He might have looked like a regular human being from the outside, but he was, in a sense, possessed by the Aten.

Image result for reptoid eliteI am suggesting that when the El-ite Illuminati bloodlines communicate with their masters, they make a covenant, a bargain, that in exchange for “tips” that give them a prescient advantage, they literally “sell their soul”, allowing the disembodied criminals to possess them and use their bodies, to allow them to once again, at least temporarily, indulge in physical “pleasures”. The ultimate excuse, “the Devil made me do it”. For the El-ites this could be the truth. What a saurian super-criminal might define as “pleasure” makes the blood curdle. (Unfortunately we have to venture into the valley of evil as this work progresses.)

So having established why the El-ites do what they do, and what their controllers get in return, the question is how such communication and transfer of consciousness takes place? Illuminist rituals, Satanic ceremonies and Channeling demons. It’s all in the mind: The Reptilian Mind.

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(There’s a few instalments in this yet and they will merge with existing part completed blog series to form a cohesive “Big Picture”, Martin)




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