Watch: Angry Moms Crash School Board Meeting to Read ‘Pornographic’ Excerpts From Books Assigned to Kids

This is not an area in which I’m easy to surprise, anymore. The hypocrisy of the left in the things they choose to “cancel” — Dr. Seuss and Pepé Le Pew among them — as part of the never-ending “wokeness” of protecting children from whatever, yet the things they see as just peachy —or even required for the “healthy” development of America’s kids.

However, this is one of those times.

Source: Mike Miller

I wasn’t surprised by the story, itself, but rather by the graphic nature of the content.

As reported by The Blaze, a group of furious parents lined up before the school board in Virginia’s wealthy Loudoun County this week to read several “pornographic” passages from books assigned to ninth graders, amid a recall effort against several of the board’s members.

Let’s begin with this “educational” example:

“Jasper wasn’t even my boyfriend, just this dude I did some hacking with once in a while. He was pretty basic … but he had a big d***. And sometimes a girl just needs a big d***.”

Of course, she does. I mean, what 9th-grade girl doesn’t need a “big d***” every now and again? These two are even “better.” Strictly from an “educational” perspective, of course.

“She sucked my d***. I didn’t really want it to happen, it just kinda did.”

“Wait a minute, is that what was really going on? She did your homework and you ate her c***!”

And sex in the classroom? Loudoun County’s got you covered:

“A ‘boy — his pants around his ankles — squeezed between April’s straddled legs as she lay on top of a teacher’s desk.’ The narrator describes flipping the ‘boy’ around, ‘pushing him against the wall’ and then dropping to their knees.’”

As MRCTV described this disgusting garbage, “Angry Loudoun County public school parents read heinous passages from county’s 9th grade reading material.”

In a further example of the mindblowing hypocrisy of the left, graphic excerpts describing the physical and assumed sexual abuse of presumably ninth-grade girls were read by one enraged mother. The mom reads from a book describing a domestic violence scenario in which the narrator talks about a female “coming out of some car in these tight-a** little shorts … telling me she’s going to leave me.”

“I grab her by the neck and start punching her. The narrator describes keeping the female ‘in a closet for a couple of days’ where ‘she kept on screaming, begging to be let out. Begging for water.’”

As The Blaze noted, a man who said he represents a group of parents in a harassment suit addressed the school board after the reading of the excerpts. After first listing the various sexual acts graphically described in the passage, he asked the board members:

“”By show of hands, does anyone up here want to talk about that stuff now? Not a single hand, because it’s very uncomfortable and we’re in a room full of adults.”

The unidentified man pointed out the obvious, to the board: “Because they’re not acceptable topics.”

Uncoincidentally, as my RedState colleague Kira Davis reported on Wednesday, another mother also blistered the school board over the racist cancer of inappropriately named “Critical” Race Theory indoctrination in the school system’s curriculum.

Spoiler: It was awesome.

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