Blackrock is a name increasingly in the spotlight since the latest financial crisis. But what are they all about and how do they connect to the housing problem? 🟢 Get exclusive access for my private unfiltered controversial videos that can’t be released to the public:    / moon-real   Support the channel here […]

New Zealand readers who can stomach watching the TV news reports will have seen an item claiming that “Ukraine needs more ammunition” along with footage and interviews of Ukrainian artillerymen firing off shells into undisclosed targets. What you were NOT shown is where those shells were aimed and who they […]

READ BETWEEN THE LINES! Dr. John Campbell carefully sidesteps the YouTube censorship stick after his video on post-vaccination stillbirths and miscarriages causes various local authorities to rapidly alter their data. If so many “clerical errors” occur in government data on such critical FOi releases, how can we trust anything the […]


Petition update from Aly Cook. If you haven’t signed, NOW is the time! Hi Everyone  Just an update and a plea for one more share out there of my petition .  Firstly the 3000 signatures that disappeared .  NZ petitions never put them back; they claimed that they were people signing […]

Their total silence on the excess death numbers in the UK tell you everything you need to know. There is no other intervention that could have caused numbers like these. That’s why they are silent. This linked John Campbell video was posted 3 months ago showing a stunning rise in excess […]